February 21st, 2021

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Alleged Bullying Rumors Surrounding (G)I-DLE’s Soojin Emerge, Cube Entertainment Denies Allegations

Cube Entertainment has denied rumors about (G)I-DLE’s Soojin being a perpetrator of school violence in middle school.

Details of the alleged violence will be placed under the cut:
⚠️TW For Bullying Including Physical Violence⚠️
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On February 21, Cube Entertainment released an official statement regarding the matter:

“First, upon checking with Soojin herself about the post about (G)I-DLE’s Soojin that is being spread online, it was found that the creator of the comment is the older sister of Soojin’s classmate from middle school. It is true that the poster heard Soojin and her classmate arguing over the phone and had an argument with Soojin after taking over the call. However, we have confirmed that the poster’s claims about school violence and such were not true at all.

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UPDATE: A new person has come out to share their story of Soojin bullying them, and provided school records as evidence of the two attending school together.
Also an actress who also attended school with Soojin, Seo Shin Ae, posted a cryptic message on her Instagram stories shortly after the news came out. It simply reads “None of your excuse”. Shin Ae has been vocal in the past about bullying affecting her childhood and has been active in promoting anti-bullying messaging.
The new developments are found here at pan-choa and the story is still up at @seoshinae IG stories.

Source: Translated by U.Kim at Soompi, Naver 1, 2, pan-choa , @seoshinae

Golden Child - 안아줄게 "Burn It" MV (Drama Full ver.)

TW: zombies, blood, gun

Source: woolliment

A very well done drama version, and a good watch if you haven't seen the original MV and just wanted a ~cinematic~ video without dance shots. If you've seen the original and were expecting a resolution, [spoiler]there are no resolutions aside from a few new scenes lol. I think for the original version they should have tried to keep viewers curious and cut back everybody's final scenes except maybe Y lighting the flare at the top of the bus to symbolize hope, and then only reveal how things really ended in the drama version.

Jo Byeong Gyu hit with multiple bullying allegations

Back on February 16, someone called “A” uploaded a post online claiming to have been bullied by Jo Byeong Gyu while they were at school in New Zealand together. The next day, Jo Byeong Gyu’s agency requested a police investigation into the post for spreading false rumors, and it was later revealed that the creator of the post had apologized and taken their post down.

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Also on February 19, another online user (henceforth known as “D”) wrote a post claiming to have been bullied by Jo Byeong Gyu in New Zealand. “D” claimed to have attended the same school as Jo Byeong Gyu in New Zealand. “D” said that he had been strong-armed into going to karaoke with Jo Byeong Gyu and his friends and that he was forced to pay for the whole thing himself. “D” further alleged that Jo Byeong Gyu had hit him hard with the microphone when he refused to sing.

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Source: Soompi citing Sports Donga, Naver (1) & (2); See also Soompi 1 & 2

the first one was allegedly a fake, but two others have posted as well. Plus he had a similar allegation in 2018 too. yikes, i really liked his dramas


"Vincenzo" off to good start

TvN's new drama "Vincenzo," starring actor Song Joong-ki, got off to a smooth start Friday.

According to Nielsen Korea, the crime rom-com's first episode garnered 8.7 percent of viewership in the Seoul metropolitan area, becoming the most-watched program in the prime 9 p.m.-10 p.m. timeslot.

In the series, Song plays Vincenzo Cassano (Park Joo-hyung), a Korean-born lawyer and Italian mafia consigliere who heads for Korea after being betrayed by his gang in Italy. In Korea, he joins hands with another lawyer named Hong Cha-young ― played by Jeon Yeo-been ― to defeat villains in "villainous ways."

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source: The Swoon & The Korea Times
Sana hairflip

Yukika Releases First Photo Teaser For New Mini Album!


Yukika left Estimate Entertainment and is now under Ubuntu Entertainment (the person who founded it was from Estimate as well, they both left Estimate on good or fair terms from at least what was projected on social media).

Today Yukika released the first photo teaser of her upcoming mini album! This concept photo is labeled A-1 Past: Illusion.

No official date released yet, but will definitely keep you updated on the upcoming comeback when it is is revealed!

Source: ubt_yukika

omg omg omg 😭 I didn’t think we’d get new music so soon!!! I’m a huge fan so I’m so excited!
Marc Pumkin

This Sunday on Inkigayo !

Who performed what: CHUNG HA - "Bicycle" • TRI.BE - "DOOM DOOM TA" Dreamcatcher - "Wind Blows"HyunA - "Good Girl"Kim Woo Seok - "Sugar" KINGDOM - "Excalibur" ONEUS - "Rewind" PD J. Y. Park (by YOYOMI) - "Corny Love Song" Kang Daniel - "Paranoia"LUCY - "HERO"Cherry Bullet - "Love So Sweet" CIX - "Cinema"CRAVITY - "My Turn" • T1419 - "Asurabalbalta" • Song Gain - "I Like Trot"

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🥇 IU with "Celebrity" (8101)
🥈 Kim Woo Seok "Sugar" (5364)
🥉 (G)I-DLE with "HWAA" (3524)

Sources: SBS KPOP & Soompi