February 22nd, 2021


K-pop idols lackluster on big screen

A growing number of K-pop idols are taking up the challenge of appearing on the silver screen, but their transitions are having to weather harsh evaluations.

Red Velvet leader Irene's film debut in "Double Patty," which hit theaters Feb. 17, drew criticism for her unnatural acting. The feature attracted 4,450 people over the Friday-Sunday period, raising its total admissions to 11,268, according to box office data from the Korean Film Council.

But the star, who previously had a lead role in the 2016 web drama "Game Development Girls," reacted humbly, saying she "learned a lot" from her first movie role.

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source: The Korea Times

SHINee says vigor, passion drove new album following military enlistment hiatus

SHINee is back.

Like the line that opens SHINee's hit tracks like "Sherlock" and "Dream Girl," the second-generation K-pop act is back with a new full album after two years and six months -- a hiatus prompted by the enlistment of three of its members.

The boy band known for its trendy and innovative musical style is set to drop its seventh studio album "Don't Call Me," which includes a hip-hop-based title track, at 6 p.m.

In a press conference held ahead of the album release, SHINee voiced excitement over their long-awaited comeback and their first new album to be released after Onew, Key and Minho successfully finished their mandatory military service.

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source: Yonhap News

EXO's Kai x Gucci For Esquire Korea


After being a global ambassador for the Italian brand Gucci for two years, Kai reveals some outfits from his capsule collection "KAI X GUCCI" with the brand, in the March issue of Esquire Korea. It's the first time Gucci launches a collection with a Korean celebrity. The bear being his favorite animal, you will find the cute teddy bear everywhere from t-shirts and sweaters to bags and luggage.

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Sources: Exo Official Twitter 1 & 2, Esquire Korea, Soompi
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Bullying Scandal Update: Soojin Addresses Allegations, Pledis Denies Allegations Against Mingyu

(G)I-DLE’s Soojin has spoken up about the rumors about her behavior in middle school.

Since it’s a little long, a summary of the allegations arising is under a cut:

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On February 22, Soojin wrote on (G)I-DLE’s official fan community to speak about the rumors. Read her full post below:

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Also caught up in bullying rumors is Mingyu from Seventeen. Pledis Entertainment has denied accusations that SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu was a bully during his school days.

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