February 23rd, 2021


North Korean women get 240 days of childbirth leave

Working women in North Korea can get 240 days of maternity leave before and after giving birth, according to the Tongil Voice, a pro-North Korea propaganda outlet, Tuesday.

The roughly eight-month-long leave is a part of the North's childbirth encouragement policies introduced in recent years as the country faces a low birthrate, estimated at less than two.

"Women receive 240 days of maternity leave ― 60 days before and 180 days after childbirth," according to an article by the outlet. "During this period, female workers receive prenatal and postnatal subsidies equal to 100 percent of their basic living expenses regardless of their length of service at work."

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source: The Korea Times

Universities failing to meet student quotas as society ages

Universities here are suffering from falling enrollments as the number of people at the age to enter higher education has been declining in line with the nose-diving birthrate in the country.

While the decrease in new enrollments started at colleges in remote areas about a decade ago, now schools in Seoul and the surrounding metropolitan area ― relatively prestigious ones with higher competition for admissions ― are facing the same dilemma.

According to the Korea Council for University Education, Tuesday, 162 universities nationwide failed to meet their student enrollment quotas for the upcoming 2021 school year that will start in March. Usually a student applies for multiple schools, and if more than one accept the student, the student must choose between them, leaving the other schools needing to fill the vacancy.

Hence, the 162 schools are trying to select 26,129 students additionally to fill the vacancies, among those who initially failed to get admissions. This additional recruitment is nearly three times higher than the previous year's 9,830.

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If I were an incoming Freshman, those incentives at Daegu Haany University sound good to me. Where are you applying to, Omona?

source: The Korea Times

Idol Kdrama news with Weki Meki & SF9

Weki Meki Doyeon to join new drama "Cliffhanger"

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Doyeon will be playing a young Jun Ji Hyun, which sounds like good casting. They are both so goregous!

source: balloon_wanted via daum & The Korea Times

K-pop queen Sunmi returns with "Tail"


K-pop songstress Sunmi is back with another new album to add to her discography of songs with striking concepts of feminist empowerment combined with a bold performance and a twist of wordplay.

The singer on Tuesday unveiled two songs for her new EP -- "Tail" and "What the Flower" -- in a press conference streamed online amid the new coronavirus. Set for release at 6 p.m., the album titled "Tail" after the lead track, is her first album in roughly six months since the romantic summer number "Pporappippam."

Like her hit tracks "Lalalay" and "Gashina," Sunmi incorporated wordplay to create contrasting concepts. "Lalalay," for instance, is often used in Korean as a slang term for a naughty person but also refers to the traditional Korean reed wind instrument "taepyeongso."

"Tail" refers literally to the tail of an animal and is also used as part of the Korean phrase that means to seduce someone.

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source: Yonhap News
Marc Pumkin

Sunmi & Red Velvet's Joy for ELLE Korea + Joy For eSpoir


Are you kitten me right meow? Queen Sunmi cameback today with "Tail" and she is still here stabbing us with her looks for the March issue of ELLE Korea.

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Red Velvet's Joy wearing Hogan sneakers for ELLE Korea.

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Joy became the new face of the cosmetics brand eSpoir back in 2019 and here is the new picturial for their new "Nowear Shine" and "Nowear Velvet" lipsticks.

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Sources: ELLE Korea, ELLE Korea IG, Joy's IG

Kwon Eun Bi

Kim Wooseok - W Korea Interview (March 2021)

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Overall, I think the entire interview is really good, but my favorite parts were the discussions of gaining creative freedom and a tiny, little discussion of Next leading into 3rd Desire!!! Also, after listening to the album for 2 weeks, I have definitely listened to Holiday the most.

Sources: wkorea_man | @wooseoksnia

Dispatch reports GD & Jennie have been dating for about a year

Update: usual YG dating news statement..."We're unable to provide confirmation as this is a private matter between the two"

source: theseoulstory via naver