February 24th, 2021

School violence accusations: roundup & updates

OP Notes: This is my attempt to summarize the wave of accusations of school violence against various actors and singers/idols that have been surfacing over the past few days. Fwiw, I'm only including offical news sources in part due to omona's rules but also because there's a lot of stuff floating around out there and I'm not sure how much of it should be further discussed until necessary so I'm just going to rely on official news. Also due to the sheer amount of information, I'm going to keep things summarized a bit more briefly here, and obviously people can expand upon things in more detail in the comments.

TW: A LOT of descriptions of bullying/violence

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Sources (summaries and translations my own)
JBG: SBS Enter news, Soojin: Kyunghyang via Daum, MoneyToday via Naver, PHS: Donga Sports, SBS Enter news, EDaily, Newsen via Naver, KDH: Kookmin Ilbo via Daum, Donga, Mingyu: Sports Kyunghyang, Xports News via Daum, Sohye: Hankyung, HeraldPOP via Naver, Hyunjin: HeraldPOP, SBS Enter News, Kihyun: SBS Enter news, Chuu: Chosun Ilbo, Xports News via Naver, MoneyToday, Aisha: StarNews, Xports News via Naver, Hyuna: Hankyung via Naver

I think lot of people have seen most of this stuff elsewhere by this point but I thought it might help to collect it for those who are having trouble finding info. Please let me know if you see any information or details I messed up, there was so much that it kind of started to run together and my brain is feeling pretty fuzzy.

Xiao Dejun


Yang Yang - 6 - 7 AM - Relay cam

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Sources: NCT 1, 2, NCT 127, WayV Twitter 1, 2

I didn't get to catch up with the content. Very rough weekend...
Anyway, the album concept reminds me of Regular Irregular, so I'm excited to see if we're getting another VVS my diamonds I don't need no light to shine. XD
MV is being released on 10th of March. <3
WayVision season 2 is also out, but I didn't have time to search for any good sources. -_-
Sana CFM

Yukika Releasing Pre-Release For New Album March 2nd

Yukika will be starting off her comeback with a prerelease! The song will be out March 2nd and will be produced by Muzie & Spacecowboy!

Source: ubt_yukika
kitty kitty


Our competition finally comes to an end
This year saw the introduction of a few new rules:
1. The queen must have been active in 2020
2. The previous queen (Sunmi) was excluded.

Still, amongst the contestant there was barely any new faces.
So before moving on to the result (there's no write up cause I'm lazy), let's talk about bringing back Omona's Nugudom. Do you guys want a nugu contest (for idols or groups that debuted in the last two years) or are you tired on these games?

This poll is closed.

Panem et circenses

Nugudom, nugudom, nugudom
No more games
Other (leave ideas in the comment)

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Seoul City seeks to support older pet sitters

The Seoul 50 Plus Foundation is providing middle-aged and elderly people with a chance to work as pet sitters, as a part of its project to offer job opportunities for senior citizens.

The foundation, under the Seoul Metropolitan Government, is aiming to offer education or job opportunities for people who are "planning a new life after the age of 50."

This project is jointly carried out with Pet People, which operates a platform called Pet Planet that links pet care workers with pet owners.

"The project is aimed at discovering a new business model where middle-aged people can find gainful employment through their experience raising pets," the foundation said in a press release.

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Sounds like a great program. My mom would love this so much!

source: The Korea Times

MCD Dance Challenge with TVXQ! "Keep Your Head Down"

With CIX, MCND, T1419, Golden Child, Dreamcatcher, Victon, ONEUS & Cherry Bullet

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Best Cover?

Golden Child
Cherry Bullet

source: Mnet K-POP

GOT7's Yugyeom tags his favorites for ELLE

#ELLE​ your name tag​.After GOT7, Yugyeom's first solo promotion. He, who gets all the love from his big bros with his charms, brought out all his favorite items. The thing he, who only knows about his fans, has had for over 5 years, his friends born in 1997, story about dandelion and wired earphone he still uses. Above all, we heard about his future plans. Check them out right now!

source: 엘르 코리아_ELLE KOREA

Chanyeol writes a letter to his fans

EXO’s Chanyeol has expressed his feelings in his first letter to fans EXO-L since a controversy four months ago when accusations were made about his personal life.

On February 24, Chanyeol shared a post on EXO’s fan community. He mentions receiving letters from fans on his November 27 birthday and also being congratulated on the ninth anniversary of the day he was revealed as a member of EXO, which was on February 23, 2012.

His letter is as follows:

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source: soompi via naver

Fashion designer Kay Kim speaks about her work & designing for Aespa's debut

Last year, haute couture designer Kay Kim got an unexpected phone call from Lee Soo-man, founder and chief director of SM Entertainment.

SM, one of the big four entertainment agencies in Korea, along with JYP, YG and Big Hit, was on the verge of unveiling its new girl band Aespa. Consisting of four Asian members ― two Koreans, a Japanese and a Chinese ― the "international K-pop act" had drawn keen attention from the media even its their official debut in November, partly because each member had their own avatars.

The fact that SM was launching a new girl band for the first time in six years after Red Velvet was another talking point that created a media frenzy over Aespa.

Over the phone, Lee was asking if Kim was willing to join the "Aespa project" as a designer.

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source: The Korea Times