March 1st, 2021

School violence roundup pt. 2: updates on Soojin, Hyunjin, Sunwoo, Kihyun, Lia, Mingyu

OP Notes: Quite a bit of this has been posted already but since I wrote up the initial roundup of accusations, I felt like a similar follow-up was due for anyone trying to keep track. I’m including cases that have emerged, undergone major developments or been resolved since the last post, afaik everything else is just ongoing / in stasis / unresolved. Again, for the sake of brevity I’ll be summarizing key information and linking to extended translations et al. I’m also keeping it shorter for cases that have separate posts. But again, please feel free to add any pertinent details I might have missed or mistaken.

(+) denotes a case that was previously posted
(N) denotes a case that hasn’t been previously discussed

TW: Descriptions of bullying/violence

Part 1 with the rundown of initial accusations can be found here.

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Sources (summaries and translations my own unless linked):
Soojin: Kookmin Ilbo via Naver, MoneyToday via Naver, SBS Enter News, Hyunjin: Soompi 1, 2, Sunwoo: Pann, 10Asia, Soompi, Kihyun: Soompi 1, 2, HeraldPOP via Naver, Lia: Soompi, FMKorea, Sports Donga, Mingyu: Newsen, Sports Donga, Sports Kyunghyang

Some resolutions, some more confusion
Sorry to end the weekend on a touch of darkness
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Secret Missions with the cast of "Space Sweepers"

It’s every man, woman, and robot for themselves when it comes to secret missions for the SPACE SWEEPERS crewmates! Watch them compete to decorate the best-looking cake while sneaking in some top-secret missions—Song Joong-ki gets caught one too many times, Jin Sun-kyu forgets the camera’s there, and Yoo Hai-jin and Kim Tae-ri’s group project turns out to be more of an individual task

Watch Space Sweepers on on Netflix

I love this game because sometimes people are pretty bad and so obvious, and it's guys are actors wtf lol

source: The Swoon

Dreamcatcher on KPDB

Dreamcatcher's Handong (한동), Yoohyeon (김유현), and Dami (다미) join Eric to chat about how they came to be in the group and their group's larger message behind their music. They catch up on their latest EP "Dystopia: Road to Utopia", what languages they're practicing lately, and their more fond memories from trainee years.

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source: DIVE Studios & DIVE Studios Podcasts

Cho Seong-jin named world's most popular pianist

Korean pianist Cho Seong-jin was voted the world's most popular pianist, according to a poll by a London-based music website, Monday.

The music portal, operated by Universal Music Group, announced that Cho was ranked No. 4 out of the top 25 classical musicians in the world in the first poll of its kind called the "uDiscover Classical 100" to determine the world's favorite classical musicians. Cho ranked the highest among pianists. The poll was conducted with 11,000 participants from around the world between November and January.

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Here is the video of him performing the previously unknown Mozart for the first time last month

source: The Korea Times & Deutsche Grammophon - DG

New boygroup debut announcements

OMEGA X from Spire Entertainment

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Rain has been appearing with the group a lot in the past few months. Their episode of Weekly Idol together will be on this week, and here's Rain interviewing them for their pictorial for 1st Look.

source: SPIRE_ENT & RAIN_ciipher