March 7th, 2021


Teaser roundup featuring Soyou, DRIPPIN, GHOST9, Weeekly & Purple Kiss

Soyou "Goodnight My Love" lyrics teaser

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source: official_soyou, drippin, woolliment, GHOST9 Official, Weeekly, RBW_PURPLEKISS

"Mr. Queen" star Na In-woo to replace Ji Soo in "River Where the Moon Rises"

Actor Na In-woo, who rose to fame with his lead role in tvN's recent hit series "Mr. Queen," will replace Ji Soo in the historical series, "River Where the Moon Rises," after Ji was forced out over a bullying scandal.

Broadcaster KBS announced Friday that Na will take the role of On Dal in the series, a story based on a folk tale about Princess Pyeonggang helping her husband On Dal become an army general.

KBS and its production company, Victory Contents, agreed to remove Ji Soo, 27, who admitted and apologized over his wrongdoings during his middle and high school years, and reshoot 12 episodes of the 20-part series with the new actor despite heavy financial losses.

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source: The Korea Times

Infinite's Sunggyu has not renewed with Woolliment

source: balloon_wanted via Official_IFNT

This Sunday on Inkigayo !

Who performed what: G-reyish - "Blood Night" • ATEEZ - "I'm The One" • iKON - "Why Why Why" • RAIN (feat. CHUNG HA) - "Why Don't We" • MC SPECIAL (IZ*ONE Yujin, NCT Sungchan & TREASURE Jihoon) - "Give Love (original: AKMU)" • VERIVERI - "Get Away" • SHINee - "Don't Call Me" / "CØDE" • SUNMI - "TAIL" • WONHO - "Lose" • ONF - "Beautiful Beautiful" • PIXY - "Wings" • AboutU - "Time To Shine" • J. DON - "Clicker" • Golden Child - "Breathe" • KINGDOM - "Excalibur" • MCND - "Not Over" •

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🥇 SHINee with "Don't Call Me" (9115)
🥈 KyoungSeo with "Shiny Star" (4315)
🥉 Sunmi with "TAIL" (3950)

Sources: SBS KPOP & Soompi
Sana CFM

Twice Roundup: New Japanese Single “Kura Kura”, Japanese Concert, Time To Twice

New music is coming for Twice! It’s a new Japanese release, “Kura Kura” for the title track and a b-side named “Strawberry Moon”. The songs are released officially May 12th, but as Japanese MVs are released earlier we can expect the title song possibly late March or early April? During their performance of “TT” at their concert, the girls were caught changing the choreo so it’s assumed that’s a giveaway for the upcoming song (you can see the spoiler here)

Some cute OT9 stuff under the cut as well as new Time to Twice episodes and Behind The Scenes for Momo’s dance project:

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Sources: @misayeon, @twicetagram, @twicesxz, videos from Twice

[trigger warning] Transgender ex-soldier forced to discharge found dead at home

Byun Hee-soo, a 23-year-old transgender former soldier forced to discharge from the Army last year, was found dead at her home, police said Wednesday.

The Army made the discharge decision in January last year after judging that Byun's loss of male genitals belongs to the Level 3 physical disability under the military laws.

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Source: The Korea Times, Heezy Yang/Hurricane Kimchi's Twitter

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If you or a person you know are having suicidal thoughts and need help, don't hesitate and call one of the numbers on this list.

If you want to support trans and LGBTIAQ+ rights in Korea, please find some here at Heezy Yang's website