March 13th, 2021

Sana CFM

Itzy Releasing Song For Fans, “Midzy”, on March 20th

Itzy will be releasing a song for their fans on March 20th in Korean and English.

Source: ITZYofficial

Soooo when is the actual comeback coming?

1theK Female Solo Performance Compilation

[timestamps]00:00​ IU - Celebrity
3:38​ SUNMI - 보라빛 밤 (pporappippam)
7:01​ HWASA - 마리아 (Maria)
10:20​ YUBIN - 향수 (PERFUME)
13:40​ KIM NAM JOO - Bird
16:43​ IU - Blueming
20:39​ Solar - 뱉어 (Spit it out)
24:13​ RYU SUJEONG - Tiger Eyes
27:48​ SOYOU - GOTTA GO (가라고)
31:17​ Uhm Jung-hwa - 호피무늬 (Hop in)
34:56​ CL - +HWA+

source: 1theK Originals

SHINee's Key to Guest on "I Live Alone" (Preview)

In a newly released preview for next week’s episode of the popular reality show, Key gives viewers a glimpse inside his everyday life at home. After sharing that it’s been about seven or eight years since he moved out on his own, the SHINee member goes about his daily chores, grumbling that his work cleaning the house and tending his garden never ends.

When his pet dogs climb all over him as soon as he wakes up, a long-suffering Key whines, “Let me rest a little in the morning.” However, it soon becomes hilariously clear who holds the power in the house: when one of Key’s dogs barks at him and races aggressively in his direction, the panicked idol runs away screaming in terror.

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Source: Soompi Twitter, Soompi, MBC YT

ILA is my all-time fave show so I was over the moon when I heard the news! whatever he ends up sharing with the show i'm just thankful that he has gotten to the point that he's comfortable talking about Jjong

Sana hairflip

Brave Girls Rewind - A Look Back at Brave Girls 2016-2020

I thought this would be fun to go down memory lane at Brave Girls songs and performances! I’m just adding the discography from 2016 on since the current lineup: Minyoung, Yuna, Eunji, and Yujeong’s first title track was Deepened. You can also revisit the group when it was OT7 and remember the members who left the group over the years - Hayun, Hyeran (OG lineup member), and Yoojin (OG lineup member).

Released: February 15th, 2016

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Hopefully it was fun revisiting their past songs and stages, or a nice intro for new fans who don’t know Brave Girls past their current viral hit!