March 15th, 2021

"Vincenzo" episodes 7 & 8 Discussion Post

Director: Kim Hee-Won
Writer: Park Jae-Bum
Network: tvN
Release Date: February 20, 2021
Runtime: Saturday & Sunday

Cast: Song Joong Ki, Jun Yeo Bin, Ok Taec Yeon, Kim Yeo Jin, Jo Han Chul, Kwak Dong Yeon, Yoo Jae Myung, Yoon Byung Hee, Choi Young Joon, Yang Kyung Won, Seo Ye Hwa, Choi Deok Moon, Kim Yoon Hye, Lee Hang, Kang Chae Min, Kwon Seung Woo, Ri Woo Jin, Kim Hyung Mook, Kim Seol Jin, Im Chul Soo, Kim Young Woong, Lee Dal, Lee Do Guk, Jung Ji Yoon, Yoon Bok In, Kwon Tae Won, Seo Jin Won, Hwang Tae Kwang, Na Chul, Jung Wook Jin, Hong Seo Joon

Plot: At the age of 8, Park Joo-Hyeong went to Italy after he was adopted. He is now an adult and has the name of Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong-Ki). He is a lawyer, who works for the Mafia as a consigliere. Because of a war between mafia groups, he flees to South Korea. In South Korea, he gets involved with Lawyer Hong Cha-Young (Jeon Yeo-Bin). She is the type of attorney who will do anything to win a case. Vincenzo Cassano falls in love with her. He also achieves social justice by his own way.

You can watch it on Netflix

Source: Drama info and image from Mydramalist

"Minari" earns six Oscar nominations, including best supporting actress for Youn Yuh-jung

"Minari," the drama film about a Korean American immigrant family, on Monday earned six nominations for the upcoming Academy Awards, including best supporting actress for South Korean Youn Yuh-jung.

In the final list of nominees unveiled by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for this year's Oscars next month, "Minari" was up for best picture, best directing, best original screenplay, best actor, best supporting actress and best score.

Youn, who played an eccentric grandmother in "Minari," became the first South Korean actress to get a nod in an acting category from the world's most coveted film award.

At the same time, "Opera," directed by South Korean filmmaker Erick Oh, was included in the five final candidates for the short animated film category.

The annual 93rd Academy Awards will be held on April 25.

source: The Korea Times

"Chinese" bibimbap in "Vincenzo" stirs up Korean viewers

The tvN series "Vincenzo" has faced criticism after screening its latest episode where its main characters are seen eating bibimbap ― a popular Korean rice dish.

In Sunday's episode, a scene showed the two lead characters ― Vincenzo (Song Joong-ki) and Hong Cha-young (Jeon Yeo-been) ― having instant bibimbap cups together. But as the camera zoomed in on the cups, the brand of its Chinese sponsor, Zihaiguo, an unfamiliar name to most Koreans became visible.

The product placement backfired with many viewers slamming the network for featuring the Chinese appropriation of the Korean dish.

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source: The Korea Times

Director Kim Jee-woon's "Dr. Brain" to be released on Apple TV+ this year

Director Kim Jee-woon's new sci-fi thriller series "Dr. Brain" will be released on Apple TV+ this year, the streaming giant said Monday. The Apple TV+'s first Korean-language project is currently filming in Korea.

Based on the popular Korean web comic of the same title, the series revolves around a neuroscientist who tries to access the consciousness and memories of the brain in order to find out the truth behind a terrible tragedy that occurred to his family.

Actor Lee Sun-kyun, who rose to fame after starring in Oscar-winning "Parasite" (2019), plays the lead role.

Kim, who previously helmed thrillers such as "A Tale of Two Sisters" (2003) and "I Saw the Devil" (2010), said the premise of "Dr. Brain" was interesting to him.

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source: The Korea Times