March 17th, 2021

Sana CFM

WJSN Releases Tracklist For “Unnatural” Mini Album

Information on the tracklist:
- 6 new tracks for the mini
- Heejin, the member of Good Day who didn’t join Cignature or RedSquare who went on to be a songwriter wrote for the title track “Unnatural”. :)
- New composer for title track they haven’t worked with before. Also Chris Hayle helped produce, he’s worked on multiple girl groups’ albums before.
- Full8loom who has worked for multiple WJSN including title tracks is returning for b-side “Last Dance” and “New Me”, MosPick worked on “Super Moon”.
- Seola helped compose and wrote lyrics for “New Me” and Exy co-wrote and composed for “Yalla”!

Source: @wjsn_cosmic, info on album: r/cronodroid on r/kpop
Sana CFM

LUNARSOLAR Announces Comeback For April 7th

It’s a single album named ‘SOLAR : rise’ out April 7th. They debuted with title track “Oh Ya Ya Ya” on their single album “SOLAR : flare” in September 2020. If you missed their debut you can check it out here

Source: @lunarsolar.official

Yay! Their debut I really enjoyed, I’m looking forward to their first comeback!

Kim Wooseok - Online Fan Meeting Announced + Drama Casting News

1st Online Fan Meeting.png

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TOP Media: "You'll see new stages but it's not a full concert"
Me: "OK"
Me: "I am politely requesting Do U Like and Holiday live performances"

Sources: @KWS_official_ | @YJPARTNERS | @KAVECON | @mahocast001 | @theseoulstory

More K-pop stars leaping to big screen

Many K-pop idols have tried to make the leap to the big screen, but not so many have succeeded. Despite lackluster results at the box office, more K-pop singers are branching out to the film industry where they find opportunities to break out of the confines of their image as impeccable idols and demonstrate their multiple talents.

Of the many who have crossed over from music to film, IU seems to be the master of doing both at the same time. While the singer-actress is gearing up to drop her fifth studio album "LILAC" on March 25, she is also returning to the silver screen with, "Shades of the Heart," directed by Kim Jong-kwan.

Set for release on March 31, the upcoming film revolves around Chang-seok (Yeon Woo-jin) who engages in conversations with four different people to write a new book based on his relationships with them.

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source: The Korea Times

Shownu answers questions while eating for ELLE Korea

Everybody knows that Shownu is such a foodie. ELLE prepared brand new menus for Shownu and asked questions associated with each menu. Shownu's amazing photo shoots and interview will be released in ELLE Korea's April issue too, so please stay tuned!

Bless his heart. I love it when they put a little gloss on those Bratz Doll lips of his.

source: ELLE KOREA

North Korean website says South Korean idols are treated like "slaves"

A North Korean news website reported earlier this month that K-pop idols in South Korea were being treated like "slaves" by large companies and living a "miserable life," raising questions about why the isolated state made such claims.

North Korea's propaganda website "Arirang-Meari" on March 13 updated its "Arirang News" section with a report headlined "South Korean youth singers owned by big companies forced to live miserably," according to NK Economy, a South Korean online news outlet that first reported the news.

The report, claiming to have cited South Korean news outlets, referred to K-pop artists in general as "youth singers" and, mentioning BTS and BLACKPINK as examples, said most of them sign exclusive contracts with large companies such as SM Entertainment at early ages and receive education to become pop stars.

The report said the companies strictly separate the singers from the outside world and put them through harsh training while allowing them to sleep only two or three hours a day. It further said the companies "suck most revenues out of the singers under a nominal purpose of using the money to train them."

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source: The Korea Times

"River Where the Moon Rises" episodes 17 to 20 Discussion Post

Title: River Where The Moon Rises / The Moon Rising River
Revised romanization: Dalyi Ddeuneun Gang
Hangul: 달이 뜨는 강
Director: Yun Sang-Ho
Writer: Han Ji-Hoon
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 20
Release Date: February 15, 2021
Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:30

CAST: Kim So Hyun (Pyeong Gang / Yeom Ga Jin / Queen Yeon), Na In Woo (On Dal), Lee Ji Hoon (Go Geon), Choi Yoo Hwa (Hae Mo Yong), Kim Bup Rae, Cha Kwang Soo, Kim Jung Young, Son Woo Hyeok, Ahn Shin Woo, Wang Bit Na, Ki Eun Se, Park Sang Hoon, Hwang Young Hee, Jung Wook, Kim Dong Young, Oh Ah Rin, Lee Sang Chan, Won Woo, Yoon Ah Jung, Lee Hae Young, Yoon Joo Man, Jung In Kyum, Han Jae Young, Ryu Eui Hyun, Kim Hee Jung, Moon Jin Seung, Jung Eun Pyo

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You can watch on VIU (in select countries) and DRAMACOOL

SOURCE: Drama info and pictures from MYDRAMALIST

Lee Young-ae to return to small screen with new comedy thriller


South Korean star actress Lee Young-ae will return to the small screen after four years off, with a new comedy thriller, the drama's studio said Wednesday.

Lee, who rose to global stardom for her role in the smash-hit historical drama "Daejanggeum" (2003), will star in the series, tentatively named "Koo Kyung-yi," as an insurance investigator, according to KeyEast.

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I remember that Saimdang drama. I was only kind of watching it and was so confused at the end lol.

source: Yonhap News

Youn Yuh-jung says her first Oscar nomination equal to Oscar title

Youn Yuh-jung, who became the first South Korean actress to be nominated for an Oscar this week, said Tuesday that the historic nomination is equivalent to the prize itself.

"I'm so honored to get a nomination at the Academy Awards," she said in a statement released through a local distributor of the film. "As all five candidates have done their best in their respective movies, I think being nominated is just like being awarded."

In the final nominations for the Oscars released on Monday, Youn, who plays the eccentric grandmother Soonja in the immigrant film "Minari," was listed in the category of actress in a supporting role along with Maria Bakalova for "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm," Glenn Close for "Hillbilly Elegy," Olivia Colman for "The Father" and Amanda Seyfried for "Mank."

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source: Yonhap News

MCD Dance Challenge with SHINee "Sherlock"

With Lucy, ATEEZ, Golden Child, MCND, ONF, VERIVERY, WEi, CIX, T1419 & SHINee

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Favorite cover?

Golden Child

I wish there were some girls groups in here too

source: Mnet K-POP