March 26th, 2021

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GOT7 Jinyoung IG Live 🍑 SoMe stuff

🎵 songs he listened to:
1:26-4:35 Peaches - Justin Bieber (ft. Daniel Caesar & GIVĒON)
4:39-7:59 Die For You - Justin Bieber (ft. Dominic Fike)
8:05-9:30 Hold On - Justin Bieber
9:56-10:29 Encore - GOT7
11:11-12:20 Encore guide - Jinyoung
12:45-13:59 Wave - GOT7
🎸 songs he covered with the guitar:
16:52-19:30 At My Worst - Pink Sweat$
20:22-22:59 Comethru - Jeremy Zucker
23:59-27:19 Shallow - Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper
27:43-29:05 Best Part - Daniel Caesar (ft. H.E.R.)

Mini recap of the Live:
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Jinyoung also got his profile pics updated on Social Media:
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Speaking English and playing the guitar and singing while sporting a 5o'clock shadow, king shit (jk mainly posting for the covers and some updates)

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Teaser roundup featuring Kim Sung Kyu, Baekhyun & Kim Jaehwan

Kim Sung Kyu "Won't Forget You" album tracklist

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"Night in Paradise" Official Trailer #2

Escaping from the fury of a rival gang to Jeju Island, Tae-gu thinks he’s just there to lay low until things blow over. But things are never that simple in the underworld, and he soon finds that his actions have consequences—one that threatens to follow him to the refuge he’s found with his new friend on the verge of death.

Witness the other side of paradise in the latest noir film from NEW WORLD director Park Hoon-jung. NIGHT IN PARADISE stars Um Tae-goo (THE AGE OF SHADOWS), Jeon Yeo-been (VINCENZO), and Cha Seung-won (A KOREAN ODYSSEY).

Coming to Netflix April 9.

source: The Swoon

Actress Seo Shin-ae accuses (G)I-DLE's Soojin of bullying

Actress Seo Shin-ae claimed Friday that Soojin of K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE bullied her when they were attending the same middle school, refuting Soojin's previous claim that she barely knew her.

Seo, 22, alleged on Instagram that Soojin and her friends made personal attacks against her for two years.

"Wherever I went, they laughed and cursed at me," Seo wrote. "They said they couldn't believe how an unattractive girl like me became a celebrity. Some of them even said I was a washed-up actress. All of that may have been just meaningless remarks for them, but I still feel the pain. I came to fear people and became more introverted. I learned from this experience that psychological violence can inflict severe damage on people."

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Soojin released a statement last week saying she was not guity and asking for Seo Shin-ae to release a clear statement about the issue.

source: The Korea Times

"Joseon Exorcist" officially cancelled

SBS has canceled the production of the fantasy period series, "Joseon Exorcist," after triggering angry responses from viewers for portraying highly-regarded historical figures as incompetent and insane, and using Chinese props and designs for a Korean period setting.

The decision comes less than a week after the series aired its first two episodes on Monday and Tuesday.

The network released a statement, Friday, announcing that it agreed to terminate the broadcast rights contract with the production companies, which stopped filming the series.

SBS had already purchased the rights to most of the episodes, and 80 percent of the series had been filmed. But the network said, "Although it would pose a financial burden and a gap in the TV schedules of both the network and production studios, we have decided to cancel the broadcasting of the series."

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source: The Korea Times

"Unexpected Business" with Jo Insung & Cha Taehyun (Ep 5)


Set in a small, rural town, the show is about two friends ― actors Zo In-sung and Cha Tae-hyun ― running a supermarket for 10 days.

Watch episode 5 here. In this episode, we say goodbye to part timer Yoon Kyung Ho, and hello to Shin Seung Hwan. After a ppl breakfast at McDonald's (can't blame him though, McDonald's breakfasts are the best thing on the menu tbh), In Sung meets up with Park Byung Eun and Nam Joo Hyuk to go fishing.

source: kshow123

Flashback Friday

Every Friday I check the charts for this day in the past and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we are going back to the 4th week in March, 2013.

#3 Teen Top “Miss Right”
Busy year for the group. This was a single from the group’s first full studio album, released just after returning from their first European tour. This album did well, and would peak at #2. A few months later they would follow it with another successful album. Here’s their comeback stage at Music Core. I can never remember this song by name, only when I press play.

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