March 28th, 2021


JTBC drama facing pre-release backlash for "Snowdrop"

JTBC's upcoming TV series "Snowdrop" has also faced a backlash from audiences for allegedly distorting history, following a similar controversy over SBS' "Joseon Exorcist."

Some reacted furiously about the forthcoming drama after its synopsis was leaked online. According to leaked information, the drama, set in Korea gripped by pro-democracy protests in the 1980s, tells the story of love between a North Korean agent and a female South Korean college student.

Their discontent comes from lead characters. Suho, played by Jung Hae-in, is a pro-democracy student activist who turns out to be a North Korean agent who infiltrates South Korea to instigate chaos and political instability, during which he falls in love with the other lead role Young-cho (BLACKPINK's Jisoo). People reacted poorly to the way the male character is described and claim the plot is an apologism for the South Korean spy agency, which had tortured and even killed student activists at the time.

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source: The Korea Times
Sana CFM

LUNARSOLAR’s Taeryeong’s Mother Passes Away, Upcoming Comeback Postponed

Taeryeong’s mother passed away March 25th. Their comeback for April 7th is currently postponed and the company will update fans with any news in future updates.

J Planet’s Statement translated:
“Hello, this is J Planet Entertainment.

On the 25th, LUNARSOLAR member Taeryeong's mother left the world.

May she rest in peace (lit: We humbly pray for the deceased), and we ask that you give Taeryeong comfort.

We will have another announcement regarding LUNARSOLAR's future comeback schedule and the '[#DA_알려줄게] event' as soon as possible.

We ask for fans' understanding.
Thank you.”

Source: @randomneeess at r/kpop,

My thoughts are with Taeryeong and her family.
:(((( May her mother Rest In Peace.
Marc Pumkin

This Sunday on Inkigayo !

Who performed what: IU - "LILAC" / "Coin" • SO YEON - "Interview" • Weeekly - "After School" • PURPLE KISS - "Ponzona"Rosé - "On The Ground" • Jessi - "What Type Of X" • DRIPPIN - "Young Blood" • MCND - "Not Over" • MIRAE - "KILLA" • GHOST9 - "SEOUL" • Ciipher - "I Like You" • PENTAGON - "DO Or NOT" • VERIVERY - "Get Away" • BDC - "Moon Rider'" • WEi - "All Or Nothing" • WOODZ - "Feel Like" • iKON - "Why Why Why" •

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🥇 Rosé with "On The Ground" (8351)
🥈 Brave Girls with "Rollin'" (6246)
🥉 Rosé with "Gone" (3024)

Sources: SBS KPOP & Soompi

NTX "Kiss The World" teaser pics ("world costume") version

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This will be their official debut, they've been putting out pre-debut singles since last year. A ballad version of the song came out a few days ago, ahead of the official March 30th release.

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TOO changes their name to TO1

TOO (Ten Oriented Orchestra) will be now known as TOO (TOgether as 1). The group had some issues with their company earlier this year, and are now reportadly under new management.

source: theseoulstory via mtvdaily

STAYC 2nd single album [STAYDOM] track list; concept pics (Sumin and Seeun)

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source: @STAYC_official (2, 3)

i did this on my phone so i hope i didn't screw it up, lol. i didn't recognize sumin at first! and i don't usually like the hime cut but i kinda like it on seeun?