April 1st, 2021

"River Where the Moon Rises" episodes 25 to 28 Discussion Post

Title: River Where The Moon Rises / The Moon Rising River
Revised romanization: Dalyi Ddeuneun Gang
Hangul: 달이 뜨는 강
Director: Yun Sang-Ho
Writer: Han Ji-Hoon
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 20
Release Date: February 15, 2021
Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:30

CAST: Kim So Hyun (Pyeong Gang / Yeom Ga Jin / Queen Yeon), Na In Woo (On Dal), Lee Ji Hoon (Go Geon), Choi Yoo Hwa (Hae Mo Yong), Kim Bup Rae, Cha Kwang Soo, Kim Jung Young, Son Woo Hyeok, Ahn Shin Woo, Wang Bit Na, Ki Eun Se, Park Sang Hoon, Hwang Young Hee, Jung Wook, Kim Dong Young, Oh Ah Rin, Lee Sang Chan, Won Woo, Yoon Ah Jung, Lee Hae Young, Yoon Joo Man, Jung In Kyum, Han Jae Young, Ryu Eui Hyun, Kim Hee Jung, Moon Jin Seung, Jung Eun Pyo

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You can watch on VIU (in select countries) and DRAMACOOL

SOURCE: Drama info and pictures from MYDRAMALIST

I love this weeks episodes! Dear Princess is so strong I really love her character. And On Dal is supporting her well. Lady Hae and General Go...I don't know what to do with the two of you! You are both starting to frustrate me big time!

Small "Kingdom" roundup

Introductory Stages (again lol)

They officially uploaded the performances so here they are again in case you missed it in February.


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No eliminations: Producer explains how 'Kingdom: Legendary War' will be different

A competition between high-profile K-pop boy bands is about to kick off.

Mnet's survival show "Kingdom: Legendary War," featuring six groups ― BTOB, iKON, SF9, The Boyz, Stray Kids and ATEEZ ― will air its first episode at 7:50 p.m. Thursday (KST). But the program is not a cookie-cutter version of its previous incarnations "Road to Kingdom" (2020) or "Queendom" (2019), according to its producer.

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They also uploaded the same performance videos with the other groups' reactions edited in, but there are not subbed.

*Edit to add in the article

source: Mnet K-POP 1 2 3 4 5 6 & The Korea Times

Yoo Jae-suk's new TV show "Come Back Home" to premiere April 3

KBS2TV's new variety show "Come Back Home," hosted by comedian Yoo Jae-suk, is scheduled to air its first episode April 3.

In the show, celebrities will revisit their first homes in Seoul and meet people currently living there. This is Yoo's first show with KBS since the scrapping of "Happy Together" last year. "Happy Together" was the longest-running talk show among the three major broadcasters in Korea ― KBS, SBS and MBC ― and ran for 19 years.

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source: KBS WORLD TV & The Korea Times