April 2nd, 2021


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Omona's Pick: 2021 1st Quarter Kpop Favorites

Let's look back at our favorite Kpop releases during the first quarter of 2021 (January-March). Feel free to talk about your favorites including but not limited to title tracks or b-sides, MV/visual concept, live performances, choreography, etc.

Here are my personal favorites:

Weeekly - After School
Such a fun, catchy song about hanging out with your girl friends. I've been listening to it nonstop and "I'm so good with you~" is stuck in my head. Their stage performances are fun too. Soeun caught my attention the most so far.

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Source: 1theK, Golden Child, SHINee, WayV, Mnet K-POP

Flashback Friday

Happy Friday! There’s a garden outside my kitchen, and a rose bush at the window in front of the sink. The roses are in bloom and at the perfect height where when I stand at the sink doing the dishes, I can smell the roses. It’s so nice! I miss the outside. Anyways! Every week I check the charts for this day in the past and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we are going back 10 years to the 1st week of April, 2011. The boys took the top three this week, so the girlies get the honorable mentions.

#3 Lee Hyun “You Are The Best Of My Life”
This was the single from his first solo EP of the same name. This was a very successful solo release, and along with his work with Homme, 2011 would be a big hit year for him. Here's him doing the song on Sketchbook a few years ago.

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source: KBS WORLD TV, MBCkpop 1 2 3, starshipTV & soompi

Naver Webtoon launches German service targeting European market

Naver Webtoon, an online comic affiliate of the leading online search engine and portal, started offering German-language versions of its comics on March 31, local time, as part of its efforts to expand its footprint in Europe.

The content provider said it launched German versions of up to 20 comics that have been popular in other Western countries. Naver Webtoon said its comics are now available in nearly 100 countries in 10 languages including English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French and Indonesian. Naver Webtoon will offer in German its original Korean series, such as "The Remarried Empress" and "Omniscient Reader," as well as comics made in the United States such as "Lore Olympus" and "Unordinary."

The move comes amid the expansion of the online comic market in Germany, the largest market in Europe. Naver Webtoon has been gradually expanding its foreign language services over the past few years, and targeting the European market since 2019 when it introduced Spanish and French services. The company has been strategically moving to take the lead in content production using comics following the successes of previous works like "Sweet Home" that was adapted to a TV show on Netflix.

source: The Korea Times

NJTTW members to reunite for new show

I only like this group together when they are doing Kang's Kitchen

source: theseoulstory via naver

Jisoo's agency sued for compensation by KBS drama production company

The production company of KBS 2TV's ongoing drama series "River Where the Moon Rises" filed a lawsuit against actor Jisoo's agency to demand compensation for the damages incurred by the actor stepping down mid-production after he was found to have bullied his peers during his middle and high school years. 

According to drama production company Victory Contents, it has filed for compensation of 3 billion won ($2.6 million) from Jisoo's agency Keyeast to recoup the cost of finding a new lead actor and other related damages.  

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Source: Korea JoongAng Daily (Twitter; Main Site)