April 7th, 2021


ATEEZ plays Who's Who

ATEEZ made a comeback this year and WE COULDN'T BE HAPPIER! To celebrate their new music, we invited them to play a hilarious game of "Who's Who," and it did NOT disappoint. So, who's always ghosting in the group chat? Who's most likely to forget choreography? And why is HONG JOONG so sleepy? Watch the video to find out!

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Apink’s Chorong Accused of Physical Violence By Childhood Friend + Apologizes For Underage Drinking

Apink’s agency Play M Entertainment has responded to more evidence submitted by alleged victim “A.”

On April 1, Apink’s agency Play M Entertainment announced that they had taken legal action against a childhood friend of Chorong who had allegedly been threatening her with false claims. In the days that followed, the childhood friend in question went public with her allegations, accusing Chorong of (TW: Physical Violence) [Spoiler (click to open)]having slapped her face and kicked her in the shin when they were students.

On April 7, “A” shared she had expected Chorong would admit to the school violence accusations but was flustered that Chorong’s side responded with legal action instead. “A” said she would also take legal action and revealed a transcript of her phone call that showed Chorong had acknowledged she had been involved in school violence.

Here is the telephone transcript as follows:

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In response to the transcript which PlayM claims is allegedly manipulated by the accuser, Play M Entertainment issued the following statement:

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The accuser also released photos of Chorong drinking when she was underage. Chorong did confirm the photos were real and she had drank alcohol when she was underage. She went into further detail on the situation on her IG page:

(Warning: Alludes to the physical violence)

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Woozi laughing but not
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Mamamoo's company becomes largest shareholder of Oh My Girl's company

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Did not see this one coming

Sad but inevitable; Dongwoo and Sungyeol also leaving Woolim Ent.

INFINITE’s Dongwoo and Sungyeol will be leaving Woollim Entertainment after 11 years spent at the agency.

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(Source: Soompi, Naver)

I kept waiting for this post to come up but it didn't which honestly speaks volumes about how far Infinite have fallen out of the limelight. I myself haven't been a very good fan of theirs in so long, but lbr, there wasn't much to be a fan off at the end. Woolim did these boys so dirty and it makes me sad cause at the end of the day, they're still my most favourite KPOP group and Dongwoo remains my single most favourite human being in the world. I wish I loved his solo stuff more :(

(Hope I did it right this time mods, sorry. It's been years since I last submitted a post.)

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Jinyoung's BH Actor Interview 🍑 Balance Game with WKorea

🍑 BH Actor Interview

🍑 W Korea Balance Game
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🍑 Some WKorea b-cuts & BH headshots
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Sources: W Korea / BH Entertainment / JustForJinyoung 1, 2 ,3, 4, 5, 6 / gif

tag yourself OP is the female WKorea staff giggling behind the camera

also update on Jinyoung's drama Devil Judge: as heard thru the ahgavine, earliest date for release is estimated to be July 3rd, no official date comfirmed yet tho.

Park Chan-wook to direct TV adaptation of Pulitzer-winning novel "The Sympathizer"

Renowned South Korean auteur Park Chan-wook is set to direct a U.S. TV project based on the Pulitzer-wining novel "The Sympathizer," a publisher here said Thursday.

Park, the man behind iconic works like "The Handmaiden" and "Joint Security Area," will work on the TV adaptation of Vietnamese American novelist Viet Thanh Nguyen's award-winning 2015 book, according to Minumsa Publishing Group.

Nguyen voiced excitement over the collaboration on Twitter, saying he "can't imagine a better person to direct this TV adaptation."

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source: Yonhap News

SBS' "Taxi Driver" to offer catharsis through justice served against criminals

The new SBS series, "Taxi Driver," is set to air starting Friday, delivering hard-boiled action and a cathartic storyline of "good versus evil."

"The series is about rescuing crime victims who are on the edge of despair, and about delivering a message to real-life victims that they are not the ones responsible for their pain and struggles," director Park Joon-woo said during an online press conference for the series, Tuesday. "It will have colorful, stylish scenes of car chases and thrilling action."

Based on the webcomic "The Deluxe Taxi," the action crime series follows a former Special Forces officer, Kim Do-ki (Lee Jae-hun), who works as a driver at Rainbow Taxi Company. It is written by scriptwriter Oh Sang-ho, whose previous works include the crime thriller "Fabricated City."

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source: The Korea Times

MCD Dance Challenge with Brave Girls "Rollin'"

With: GHOST9, 3YE, ATEEZ, BDC, MCND, VERIVERY, Weeekly, WEi, Purple Kiss, Pentagon & Brave Girls

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Best Cover?

Purple Kiss
Brave Girls

source: Mnet K-POP
Xiao Dejun


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Sources: NCT Dream Twitter, Candylab Insta, The K-pop 1, 2, 3

Regarding the performances, at the source there are other groups too + individual fancams, but there are so many vids, I didn't feel like making a megapost T-T
Also, they posted some type of teaser on YT, but there's no Eng translation (can be found through the comments though).
Xiao Dejun


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Sources: EXO, EXO Twitter, SMTOWN 1, 2, 3, 4

My wild guess is that we're getting the album in the 2nd half of May.
Also, they're iconic "careless careless shoot anonymous anonymous" just turned 9!


I wanted to make a longer post with some of their iconic performances and hidden gems, but it's not weekend yet sooo T-T