April 10th, 2021

OMONA ORIGINAL: Best K-Pop Deep Cuts from January - March 2021

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New year, same old me. I'm continuing my compilation lists of the best K-pop deep cuts into 2021 because:
1) I'm bored 2) Singles are sometimes the worst song on an album, and 3) It's a pandemic and I have nothing better to do!



Album: Yes. (Full Album)
Release Date: January 25, 2021
Lead Single: Burn It

Why You Should Give "Round N Round" a Chance:
"ONE (Lucid Dream)" was one of my favourite K-pop songs last year - and while I don't think you'll fall in love with "Round N Round" on first listen, I do think you'll come to appreciate it as a well-constructed, mid-tempo pop song that you'll eventually keep finding your way back to. Something about the rapping and the vocal melody in the chorus makes me think of K-pop circa 2013 (in a good way!) and the instrumental breakdown in the bridge is really cool and funky. It's just a solid song from start to finish that is well worth your time.

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What did I miss, omona? Educate me in the comments! I'm still obsessed with UP10TION's "Dawn" from last year. What are you playing on repeat?
SOURCES: [Golden Child] [woolliment] / [WONHO] [WONHO] / [우주소녀 WJSN] [1theK (원더케이)]
nayeon tonight show

TWICE Celebrates 🍭2000 Day Anniversary 🍭


The girls promised a v-live for their 2000 Days as Twice on their 500th day a few years ago (they even joked how they didn’t know if vlive would still be around on day 2000). They did their v-live together and posted videos and images on their Instagram.

Under the cut is a cute video of their managers, who have been with Twice for years, and Jihyo putting together the room for the celebration:

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Source: @twicetagram

Seeing Jihyo help decorate and seeing all the albums on the wall 🥺 They’ve accomplished so much in less than 6 years. I’m very proud of them!

"Unexpected Business" with Jo Insung & Cha Taehyun (Ep 7)


Set in a small, rural town, the show is about two friends ― actors Zo In-sung and Cha Tae-hyun ― running a supermarket for 10 days.

Watch episode 7 here. In this episode, Shin Seung Hwan, Park Byung Eun and Nam Joo Hyuk help out with dinner service. It's nice that Chef Jo got a little bit of a cooking break. Nam Joo Hyuk stays for one more day, and the shop gets a lot of lady visitors.

source: kshow123

Kickass K-drama Action Queens

Step aside, baddies. The queens are here to save the day! From fending off bullies and monsters to saving the world in past and present, there’s no sticky situation these kickass heroines can’t fight their way out of. Our favorite K-drama action queens show us who's really in charge around here 😎

*Drama titles are on the top right next to the Netflix logo. All dramas may not be available in all market.

source: The Swoon

Small SF9 Youtube Round-up

Prologue for their new variety show, SF Center, where swindlers Jaeyoon and Inseong help the other members in making their dreams come true.

Highlights include: "Ethan" trying to show off his English, Hwiyoung's dating history being unveiled by profiler Dawon, Rowoon confessing his love for Inseong, and Youngbin who cannot stop laughing.

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Source: SF9 Youtube channel 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 7

Next to Kingdom, members have individual activities going on or scheduled: new dramas, webseries, musicals (and Inseong roleplaying on their Bubble service, having been a stone, Darth Vader, and at the time of writing a dating game).