April 17th, 2021

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🌙 BehindtheMoon’s “picture diary” Live Clip

BehindtheMoon is a music producer in the k-indie scene, he works with different vocalists for his work focused on city pop and retro pop. “picture diary” is his latest release. If anyone knows who is the vocalist here I’ll add her name to the post! I’m struggling a bit finding who she is.

If you like what you hear, check out their Spotify, especially if you like nostalgia music. You can find some new vocalists to deep dive their work too :)

Source: Behindthemoon Official
nayeon tonight show

Itzy “Guess Who” Mini Album Photo Teasers Set 3 & 4

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They also changed their PFP on Twitter to “Beware Of Itzy”.
Source: ITZYofficial
nayeon tonight show

Former April Member Hyunjoo Releases Statement On April Allegedly Bullying Her

Former APRIL member Hyunjoo has released her first personal statement about her dispute with her agency and the allegations that she was bullied by her bandmates.

Earlier this year, Hyunjoo’s younger brother made an online post alleging that the reason she left the group in 2016 was that she was bullied by the other members.Another individual claiming to be Hyunjoo’s high school classmate made similar allegations in a second post that went into more detail about the alleged bullying.

DSP Media—which currently houses both APRIL and Hyunjoo—responded with multiple statements denying the allegations. After Hyunjoo’s younger brother made another post contradicting their denials, the agency announced that they would be taking legal action—both criminal and civil—against Hyunjoo and the people who had posted the allegations online.

On April 18, Hyunjoo took to Instagram to share her first personal statement about the situation.

⚠️Trigger Warning ⚠️: Suicide, Difficult descriptions on the bullying

Her full statement is as follows:
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* Hyunjoo debuted with April with members Somin, Naeun, Yena, Jinsol, and Chaewon. Current members Chaekyung and Rachel are not involved as they debuted after Hyunjoo left.

Source: @hyun.joo_lee, Translation by E.Cha

"Unexpected Business" with Jo Insung & Cha Taehyun (Ep 8)


Set in a small, rural town, the show is about two friends ― actors Zo In-sung and Cha Tae-hyun ― running a supermarket for 10 days.

Watch episode 8 here. In this episode, pro golfer Inbee Park, her husband, and her sister show up in time to help out for dinner. While the owners are away, they try sell some merchandise. Mostly to themselves lol.

source: kshow123