April 18th, 2021

Alcohol free Nayeon

Apink Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Apink is officially 10 years old! As it is already the 19th in Korea, their Twitter page posted for the anniversary. They debuted April 19th, 2011. They even used 2011 as part of their Twitter handle when they created it!

Source: Apink_2011

This Sunday on Inkigayo !

Who performed what: SHINee - "Atlantis" • Whee In - "water color" • Kang Daniel - "Antidote" • STAYC - "ASAP" Yoon Ji Sung - "LOVE SONG" • WJSN - "UNNATURAL" • Kim Jae Hwan - "I Wouldn't Look For You " LUNARSOLAR - "DADADA" ASTRO - "ONE" Kim Sejeon - "Warning" • Lee Ji Hyuk - "5K" • OnlyOneOf - "libidO" Kang Seug Yoong - "IYAH"NTX - "KissThe World" • DRIPPIN - "Young Blood" MIRAE - "We Are Future" DKB - "ALL IN" • T1419 - "EXIT"

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🥇 IU with "LILAC" (6760)
🥈 Brave Girls with "Rollin'" (5754)
🥉 Rosé with "Gone'" (4306)

Sources: SBS KPOP & Soompi
Sana wiad2

Twice Preparing For June Comeback!

Stay tuned for official comeback date! The girls are currently shooting the MV on Jeju Island and it will be all 9 members. (Jeongyeon either way would be on the album and in the MV, but it sounds like she’ll be performing too).

Source: entertain.v.daum.net, @misayeon