April 23rd, 2021

nayeon tonight show

Bibi’s Tracklist For Upcoming Mini “BAD SAD AND MAD” & Her Curated Playlist With Baverse Studio


Bibi’s mini is out April 28th. Check out the very interesting cover here!

Under the cut is her set for Baverse Studio. She unwinds with a bottle of wine and a good book, with a curated playlist consisting of songs ranging from jazz, soul, and more.

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Source: @nakedbibi, U/tunasandwich2009 at r/kpop, Baverse Studio

Her curated playlist might be my favorite as an experience, I’m enjoying the songs from yesteryear in the beginning especially
nayeon tonight show

Itzy “GUESS WHO” Concept Films: Chaeryeong & Yuna

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Source: JYP Entertainment, @ITZYofficial

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BTS Are The New House Ambassadors For Louis Vuitton + MOTS ON:E Photobook

It finally happened! BTS are the new house ambassadors (which is the same thing as global) for the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton. They must have made them an offer they couldn't refuse 💸 (The photos used here are old ones but BTS wore LV for The Grammys).

Next month, the photobook for the online concerts "Map Of The Soul ON:E" played in October 2020 will be released. Here are some previews from the different concepts.

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Sources: Louis Vuitton Twitter, Weverse 1 | 2 | 3 | 4, BANGTANTV

Flashback Friday

Every week I check the charts for this day in the past and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week we are going back to the 4th week of April, 2014.

#3 Mad Clown featuring Hyolyn “Without You”

This was his official debut under Starship Entertainment. Starship loooves doing collabs lol, and this song features Sistar’s Hyolyn. Most of his singles from his time at the company are songs with other Starship artists. This was did well on the charts, peaking in the top ten, winning some music show trophies, and selling very well too. Here’s his comeback stage at Music Core.

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source: MBCkpop 1 2 3 4, 1theK & soompi

SG Wannabe's 2004 debut single leads music streaming charts

Vocal group SG Wannabe's debut single, "Timeless," is dominating major music streaming charts, nearly 17 years after its release, thanks to the group's recent appearance on MBC's reality show, "Hangout with Yoo."

As of Friday morning, the medium-tempo ballad has reigned at the top of the real-time charts on Bugs and Genie, while grabbing the No. 6 spot on Melon's "24 Hits" chart, which is updated on a 24-hour basis. There are high hopes that the song will also conquer the Melon chart, which has the largest market share (34.14 percent) in Korea as of last November.

Other SG Wannabe tracks, such as, "As I Live" (2005) and "Lalala" (2008), are also going strong ― the latter, in particular, has ranked No. 4 and No. 7 on Genie and Melon, respectively.

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I swear they used to have a tag lol. These videos are racking up millions of hits too. Some of my first kpop memories involve them and those super long kdrama-like music videos lol.

source: The Korea Times & 놀면 뭐하니? 1 2 3 4 5

"Law School" episodes 3 & 4 Discussion Post

Drama: Law School
Director: Kim Suk-Yoon
Writer: Seo In
Network: JTBC
Release Date: April 14, 2021
Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 21:00

CAST: Kim Myung Min (Yang Jong Hoon), Kim Bum (Han Joon Hwi), Ryu Hye Young (Kang Sol [A]), Lee Jung Eun (Kim Eun Sook), Lee Soo Kyung, Lee David, Go Yoon Jung, Hyun Woo, Kim Min Seok, Lee Kang Ji, Ahn Nae Sang, Kil Hae Yeon, Woo Hyun, Oh Man Seok, Lee Chun Hee Jo Jae Ryong

PLOT: When a grim incident occurs at their prestigious school, justice through law is put to a test by a tough law professor and his ambitious students.

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You can watch on NETFLIX

Source: Drama info and image from MYDRAMALIST

The scenes inside the classrooms are all soooo good! The story overall continues to impress me and I love the cast. I still don't know who or how the professor died and there's ao many aide stories I just want to keep on watching!

K-pop Rewind ep 03/Become A Fan: f(x)

In this video, Luna takes a trip down memory line! She shares some stories from her time in f(x), talks about her favourite songs and is showered with compliments from fans in the final portion of the video.

Source: 14F on Youtube

From the person who wrote the title cards, showering every single f(x) release with applause, to all the fans begging for a comeback of this brilliant group - a mood. Luna herself is looking so beautiful too and it was wonderful hearing from her again!