April 24th, 2021

Kingdom: Legendary War ep 4. discussion post + ep. 5 preview

Preview ep. 5

Episode 4 with eng sub can be watched at KShow123

Source: Mnet Kpop, KShow123

Omona, what did you think of episode 4? Any particular cute, surprising or exciting moments that you want to share? What do you think the 2nd round ranking will be (w/o having seen the last 3 groups perform)?


"Unexpected Business" with Jo Insung & Cha Taehyun (Ep 9)


Set in a small, rural town, the show is about two friends ― actors Zo In-sung and Cha Tae-hyun ― running a supermarket for 10 days.

Watch episode 9 here. In this episode, pro golfer Inbee Park and her family finish up their time at the store with lunch. The next day brings the new (and pretty capable) part-timers, actors Yoon Si Yoon and Dong Hyun Bae, while the owners take some time out away from the store.

source: kshow123

Beyond LIVE - Taemin: Never Gonna Dance Again (Ticketing + Merch Details)

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The restream times only partially make up for the lack of VOD, but I am still likely going to attend this.

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