April 29th, 2021

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Apink’s Naeun Leaves PlayM But Will Resume Apink Promotions, Considering Joining YG

Apink’s Son Naeun has left Play M Entertainment, and her next agency may be YG Entertainment.

On April 29, Play M Entertainment announced that Son Naeun had parted ways with the agency after the her exclusive contract with the agency ended. The other five Apink members have renewed with Play M Entertainment.

Read the agency’s statement below.

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The same day, Ilgan Sports reported that Son Naeun had been in discussion to sign with YG Entertainment after leaving Play M Entertainment, and a source from YG Entertainment confirmed, “We are positively in talks.”

Source: U.Kim at Soompi, Naver 1, 2, M.IS Plus

GWSN To Make A Full Group Comeback

On April 29, OSEN reported that GWSN will be releasing their fifth mini album on May 20.
GWSN’s latest comeback was in April 2020 with their fourth mini album “the Keys” and the title track “BAZOOKA!” Member SoSo sat out promotions for the album to focus on recovering from an ankle injury she suffered in the past. According to OSEN, GWSN will return as a full group with SoSo for their upcoming comeback.

Source: Naver 1, Soompi 1

Is anyone else as happy as I am?!

Wonho takes a Wonho pop quiz

Quench your Wonho thirst (for today at least).

Wonho is one of the hottest (literally and figuratively) K-pop stars on the planet, and we’re only a little sad he showed up for this interview in an oversized hoodie. (To console ourselves we’ll just have to go to his Instagram for the 924,000th time.)

But that’s not the point of this video! We wanted to get to know the Monsta-X-member-gone-global-soloist by testing how well he knows himself, and would you believe it — we fell even more in love with him. And if you’re a member of WENEE (his fan club), congratulations! He can’t believe how much you know about him. So test your knowledge of Wonho as he does and do your best to pay attention to the questions and not just get lost in his eyes.

Source: Bustle

Minhyun Explains to Eric Nam in Detail about Squat Toilets and His U.F.O Encounter

NU'EST's Baekho and Minhyun appeared as guests on the K-POP Daebak Show and met with Eric Nam again for the first time since 2014 on Arirang's After School Club. In addition to catching up on the last 7 years and promoting their new second album Romanticize, they answered fan questions and at one point in the conversation Eric asks if they believe in ghosts/if they've ever seen a ghost which naturally led to Minhyun sharing this story:

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Omona do you believe his story and any supernatural encounters of your own? Eric sure knows how to lead the conversation and those edits from DIVE are A+ 

Source: DIVE Studios 1, 2