May 9th, 2021


Weeekly Shares “After School” Choreo Video (Gym Pants Ver.) After 50 Million Views Milestone

Weeekly put out a new choreo to celebrate their first music video to hit 50 million views! Congrats girls 🎉

Source: Weeekly

This achievement plus their song is doing really well on Spotify as it already has 24 million streams, I’m glad the girls are achieving some international success! Hopefully they get a tag soon.

K-drama Brain Map with Vincenzo & Behind The Scenes

It’s the man of the hour, Vincenzo Quas- we mean Cassano. What exactly occupies this consigliere's mind? Sure, there’s some stuff in there that not everyone worries about (see: a mountain of gold, bringing down evil corporations) but it looks like at the end of the day even mafia bosses have the same things on their mind—family, love, and how to deal with pesky birds that keep you up at night 🇮🇹☕️💰🐦👸🏻

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source: The Swoon 1 2

This Sunday on Inkigayo !

Who performed what: STAYC - "So What" NTX - "Choco Ice Cream" ITZY - "Mafia In The Morning"HIGHLIGHT - "Disconnected" / "Not The End" 3YE - "Stalker" Jawsoul - "Because Of You" HOT ISSUE - "GRATATA" • CLASSMATE - "Our Moment" • BIBI - "Bad Sad & Mad" • ENHYPEN - "Drunk-Dazed" • AIVAN - "AI" • ONF - "Ugly Dance" • BAE173 - "Loved You" • P1Harmony - "Scared" • AB6IX - "Close" • Norazo - "Vegetable"

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🥇 Brave Girls with "Rollin'" (6411)
🥈 SG Wannabe with "Timeless'" (4778)
🥉 Brave Girls with "We Ride'" (4535)

Sources: SBS KPOP & Soompi

Queens Brave Girls took their 7th win and their triple crown!!!!

NU'EST 'Inside Out' Dance Videos

Nu'est have officially concluded promotions for their 2nd Album and here's a roundup of the released choreography videos for their title track 'Inside Out.' In addition to the three different versions, we have their first time ever appearance on Relay Dance and Studio Choom, plus a collaboration with the Awesome Na Haeun!

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Special Collaboration with Na Haeun
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Sources: NU'EST (1, 2, 3), Studio Choom, M2, Awesome Haeun

sorry Minhyun I couldn't resist  👽