May 11th, 2021


Actress Kim Tae-hee makes $6.37 million off Gangnam building sale


Actress Kim Tae-hee has reportedly made a whopping 7.1 billion won ($6.37 million) by selling her property in Seoul's Gangnam District, thanks to its increased value over the past few years.

According to New 1, a local news agency, she sold the five-story building in Yeoksam-dong for 20.3 billion won in March 25.

She originally purchased the building in June 2014 for 13.2 billion won. In nearly seven years, its value soared by 7.1 billion won.

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source: The Korea Times
Xiao Dejun


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Sources: NCT Dream 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Mods, sorry. Please accept this one. SM listened to my prayers and posted Boom+Ridin',
Dive into you is the best song on this album and no one can tell me otherwise!
Also, smh at this mess of a titletrack growing on me already. Can't they just promote Boom with 7 members? XD
Over 1.71 pre-orders for Hot Sauce + 34 mil views on the MV in the first 24 hours!!!

Namyang Dairy chairman resigns after yogurt COVID-19 prevention claims

Namyang Dairy Products Chairman Hong Won-sik offered his resignation Tuesday, after the company came under fire for the claim that its yogurt drink Bulgaris can help protect from COVID-19.

Hong, who took over the company from his father, the late founder Hong Doo-young, also said he will not hand over management rights of the company to his children.

“We have received much love from the public as the oldest private dairy company. But I failed to fulfill the expectations of the consumers, as I was not able to break away from outdated thoughts and worked only for the growth of the company,” Hong said in a press conference.

”I will resign from my chairman position to take responsibility for all those things. Also, management rights will not succeed to my children. I sincerely apologize for this belated decision.”

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Basically the article talks about how Namyang Dairy claimed that their yogurt drink can effectively prevent covid-19, which caused its share to briefly spike after the announcement. However their claim was misleading as it was based on a study where its yogurt was directly applied to the virus and now the company is under investigation.

Source: The Korea Herald

Alcohol free Nayeon

PIXY & Aoora Covers Justin Bieber’s (ft Giveon & Daniel Ceaser) “Peaches”

Pixy and soloist Aoora pair up to cover the song that is dominating charts in Korea, Justin Bieber’s “Peaches” (ranked no.2 on Melon currently). For anyone new to Pixy and tuning in, that’s Dia and Ella providing most of the vocals for Pixy.

Source: AOORA

Look at them making me like the song lol! It’s easier when there is no JB haha.