May 20th, 2021


Monsta X "One Of A Kind" concept photos #2

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I appreciate them releasing all the concepts pics at the same time. Not like other companies with one member a day for like a month and a half. Gives me time to figure out which album versions I need to pre-order lol just kidding I'm pretty sure I will get all versions this time. I have yet to pull a Minhyuk photocard, I don't know why he hates me so much.

source: OfficialMonstaX

"Racket Boys" Official Trailer

On the verge of disbandment and without a proper coach, it’s going to take more than a miracle for this ragtag badminton team to save itself from oblivion. Thankfully, help—in the form of a former national player who’s definitely not ready for life in the countryside—is on the way 🏸

The competition heats up in youth sports drama RACKET BOYS, starring Kim Sang-kyung (WHAT HAPPENS TO MY FAMILY), Oh Na-ra (SKY CASTLE), Tang Jun-sang (MOVE TO HEAVEN), and Kim Kang-hoon (WHEN THE CAMELLIA BLOOMS).

Coming to Netflix & SBS May 31.

source: The Swoon

American singer's journey from K-pop star wannabe to "Miss Trot 2" contestant

For Maria Elizabeth Leise, appearing on TV Chosun's trot music competition show, "Miss Trot 2," was a life-changing event.

The 20-year-old from Connecticut surprised many with her fluent Korean, expert command of the Korean musical genre, known for its cyclic rhythm and vocal inflections, as well as the emotional intensity of her singing. Backed by a growing fan base, Leise finished 12th out of 112 contestants who took part in "Miss Trot 2," which started airing on Dec. 17 and ended on March 4.

"I went a lot further than I thought" Leise said during an interview with The Korea Times. She added that the show gave her a chance to be "doing what I want to do and make a living as a singer." Leise said, "I'm officially reaching my goal in Korea and making my parents proud."

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source: TVCHOSUN & The Korea Times & Mnet Official

Soyou sells Yeonnam-dong building for 1.6 billion profit

Sistar's Soyou (29) has made a huge profit over her smart real-estate investment.

According to an exclusive report by Maeil Economy on the 18th, Soyou sold her Yeonnam-dong building that she purchased in 2016 for 1.57 billion won ($1.4m/€1.1m) for 3.2 billion won ($2.8m/€2.3m).

Soyou purchased an old detached house in Yeonnam-dong located in a corner and remodeled it into a nice building. Since then, 'Yeon-tral' park gained popularity and the value of her building also increased. Currently, a famous Vietnamese sandwich is operating in the building.

Soyou made more than 1 billion won in profits with her hit song 'Some' with Junggigo and revealed in a variety program that she went into real-estate investment because of "anxiety over the future."

She stated, "Since it became difficult to own a house, my parents told me from when I was young to work hard and earn my own money. Since celebrities are freelancers, our income is not constant and if you make an album, your profits go into the red (negative). I became anxious thinking that I may not be able to work in the industry anymore after Sistar disbanded."

She added, "I don't enjoy luxury goods. I buy a gift for myself once a year and the joy doesn't even last a week. I try to abandon those greeds whenever I can."

sources: dailynaver, Maeil Economy

Click here for pictures of the building. It's a cute little house with a café inside.
dont fuck with jisoo

Lizzy's past comments about drunk driving catch attention

Afterschool Lizzy's past comments about drunk driving are catching attention.

In an interview with Seoul Economic Daily in May 2019 after filming 'Desperate Young-ae', Lizzy showed strong resistance to drunk driving stating, "the most upsetting thing is seeing a murderer that drives after drinking. When I see a drunk driver in a vehicle, I immediately make a call to 112 (police) to prevent an irreversible accident."

She added, "When I saw an acquaintance that was drinking at our table show signs of going to drive while drunk, we called a substitute driver immediately. When we saw someone in another table in the same bar that also planned to drive while drunk, we reported it to police and informed them of their route of travel. Just for a proxy fee of 20,000 won (~$15) you can get home safe and save on tens of thousands of won from drunk driving."

sources: dailynaver, Chosun Ilbo