May 26th, 2021

Sana CFM

Dreamcatcher Performing at Primavera Sound 2022

The group is performing for this music festival with some major headliners! They perform on June 4th, 2022.

Here is their write up on the official website too:
“In an industry as homogenized as K-pop, it is not easy to find bands or artists that go beyond the norm. Dreamcatchers are one of those rare exceptions that blow up the clichés of an entire genre. To begin with, the Korean septet already had a background under the name MINX, until in 2017 they changed their name and added two members to the project. Since then, Dreamcatcher has everything that is so attractive about K-pop (an amazing aesthetic that gives us iconic videos, spectacular choreography, stories behind each song they publish) but they bring a variety and depth that sets them apart from other similar bands. In a song they can start with an anime opening and then throw you off with a wild drop of EDM, bowl you over with a blast of hip hop and end by branching out into a metal chorus with double kick and a histrionic riff. Do we jump, dance, sing or headbang? Whatever you want, Dreamcatcher: we stan.”

Source: Primavera Sound, @7_dreamers

Ahh this is a pretty big deal for them!!

According to Korean Dramas: How to heal and de-stress

Whether it’s school, work, or just life that’s stressing you out, here’s a little reminder from dramaland to slow down, smell the flowers, and some take time off to heal. You deserve it 🌸

The Swoon Seasons are a way for us to feature different ways we connect with our favorite K-dramas, whether that’s through the emotions they evoke or the way we experience life through the stories they tell. In Healing Spring, we’ll explore all the ways we experience healing through dramas.

source: The Swoon

Korean music industry falls victim to Chinese labels' copyright infringements

Amid a tense social atmosphere in which China's government and nationalists are laying claim to some elements of Korean culture ― from kimchi and samgyetamg to hanbok ― Korean netizens have recently discovered that China-based musicians and labels have been infringing on several K-pop artists' copyrights on YouTube.

Chinese companies have claimed they own the copyrights to g.o.d's "Road," IU's "Morning Tears," Toy's "Good Person" and Younha's "Waiting" among others, and have been illegally collecting the associated royalties.

Musicians and recording companies receive these "neighboring rights royalties" when their recording is performed, broadcast or streamed on platforms.

The YouTube content description box of IU's "Morning Tears," for example, reads that it is a song by "Qingchun Jilu Ce," and is sung by "Huang Yiyun" and "Chen Yajie," on the album "Qingchun Jilu Ce." It also states that the song is licensed to YouTube by "Believe Music (on behalf of Union Entertainment) and 2 Music Rights Societies." Union Entertainment is headquartered in Beijing, according to its website, and operates an international music distribution business. After Korean netizens made this discovery, it became the topic of a heated discussion on social media, so as of Monday, many of the disputed songs descriptions have been removed.

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source: The Korea Times

MCD Dance Challenge with Taemin "Move"

With: BAE173, NCT Dream, P1Harmony, Norazo, BIBI, ONF, ONEUS, Pentagon Kino, Hot Issue and Taemin

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Fav cover?

NCT Dream
Pentagon Kino
Hot Issue

source: Mnet K-POP
Yoohyeon Smile

DREAMCATCHER's Reality Show DREAMCATCHER MIND Ep 1: 'Suspicious Pension‎'

Source: Dreamcatcher official
I was a little confused at first but apparently boarding/guests houses are called pension homes! The girls are chaotic as usual and I'm so in love with Handong she is so ethereal 🥺🥺 I'm so thankful they finally got a reality show they deserve it so much they have the variety talent!!!!!!

"So Not Worth It" Official Teaser

These college students from all over the world seem to have nothing in common apart from the roof over their heads. But the everyday moments of laughter they share tell another story—perhaps they’re really not that different after all.

Catch the latest sitcom from the creators of NONSTOP and UNSTOPPABLE HIGH KICK, starring Park Se-wan (SCHOOL 2017), Shin Hyun-seung, GOT7’s Choi Young-jae, (G)I-DLE’s Minnie, and Han Hyun-min (HIP HOP KING).

Coming to Netflix June 18.

source: The Swoon
Xiao Dejun


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Sources: M2, Mnet Kpop, NCT Dream, NCT, NCT Dream Twitter

Also, from the rumor mill - [Quite a bit]NCT 127 is currently recording for their comeback (lots of hair changes and updates from them), Kun mentioned they will be promoting in China in the second half of their year (and supposedly Lucas said he is coming back to SK to record for another album), NCT Dream will have a repackage for Hot Sauce, Ten might get another solo song. T-T Take this with a grain of salt, but it's mostly good news, so fingers crossed!
I wish their outfits were better for that Move cover - Haechan was in the mood though! (the Want cover still remains legendary - might be the Jeno stan in me talking XD)

"Youth of May" Episode 7 & 8 discussion post

Director: Song Min Yeop
Screenwriter: Lee Kang
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 12
Airtime: May 3 - June 8, 2021
Runtime: Monday & Tuesday

Cast: Lee Do Hyun (Hwang Hee Tae), Go Min Si (Kim Myung Hee), Lee Sang Yi (Lee Soo Chan), Geum Sae Rok (Lee Soo Ryun), Oh Man Suk (Hwang Gi Nam), Uhm Hyo Sub (Lee Chang Geun), Kim Won Hae (Kim Hyun Cheol), Hwang Young Hee (Choi Soon Nyeo), Shim Yi Young (Song Hae Ryeong), Kim Eun Soo (Lee Kwang Gyu), Park Se Hyun (Lee Jin Ah), Kim Yu Kyung (Oh In Young), Kwon Young Chan (Kim Kyung Soo)

Plot: In May of 1980, amidst the heated passion and cries for democracy that reverberated throughout Gwangju, Hee Tae and Myung Hee find themselves in a twist of fate.

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The drama is available via Dramanice

Source: Drama info and image via MyDramalist, Dramanice

The acting is great, especially Go Min Si! Hee Tae's dad has been an the worst² since crash landing on you.