June 7th, 2021


Rumour monday: Juri hiatus from "Rocket Punch" and health concern might be due to a slave contract

It's a from a speculative article so take that with a grain of salt

source: @JPopProjectNews, tokyo-sports, @lovelyzOUT, news.yahoo
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Minzy Confirmed To Make Summer Comeback

Minzy is coming back next month!

MZ Entertainment confirmed that Minzy will be returning with a new single album in July. Along with the album release, she will also be taking part in promotional activities.

According to MZ Entertainment, the track will be a perfect fit for summer and have a flashy performance.

After leaving YG Entertainment in 2016 and joining The Music Works to promote as a solo artist, Minzy left The Music Works to found her own agency MZ Entertainment last year.

Are you excited for Minzy’s comeback?

source: soompi, MBN
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On monday we take out the trash: Yang Hyun-suk indicted for allegedly trying to cover up drug scanda

SEOUL, June 7 (Yonhap) -- Yang Hyun-suk, former CEO of K-pop powerhouse YG Entertainment, will face a criminal trial for allegedly attempting to cover up a drug scandal involving a singer-rapper, judicial sources said Monday.

According to the sources, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors Office indicted Yang on May 28 on charges of having threatened and coerced an informant who testified to police about drug suspicions surrounding B.I, the former songwriting leader of YG's boy band iKON, in August 2016.

At the time, the whistleblower arrested for drug use disclosed B.I's suspected drug purchase to police. Yang is accused of intimidating the informant to thwart police investigation into the former iKON member.

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source: YNA

Interview/Game videos roundup with Twice, Onew, Wonpil and Youngjae & Purple Kiss

TWICE Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions for WIRED

TWICE take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. Who is the best dancer in TWICE? What is the TWICE fanchant? When was TWICE formed? Why are TWICE called TWICE? Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu answer all these questions and much more!

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source: WIRED, 엘르 코리아_ELLE KOREA, ELLE, Seventeen

SEVENTEEN 8th Mini Album 'Your Choice' Teasers + Jeonghan for 1st Look Magazine (media heavy!)

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let's ignore the half-assed teasers and focus on jeonghan's photoshoot instead <3

Will AI-powered groups take over K-pop?

In March, girl group Eternity made its debut with the song, "I'm Real." Just like other K-pop acts, it also unveiled an eye-catching music video and short interview clips featuring each member. The 11-piece group looks no different from other girl groups ― except that the members are not real human beings. They are, indeed, hyper-realistic virtual characters created through state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI).

It was AI graphic company Pulse 9 that brought life to the members. The company's CEO Park Ji-eun launched Eternity out of the belief that AI members could become game changers with their unique edges, during this era when Korean cultural content is enjoying its heyday.

"Unlike human singers, AI members can freely express themselves and weigh in on diverse social issues because they are less vulnerable to malicious comments and criticisms," Park said in a recent interview with The Korea Times. "As a creator, I can also add more fantastical and compelling elements to them, making them more distinguishable from existing K-pop acts."

Eternity has its own "universe," crafted by Park and her co-workers. In this universe, the members are aliens from a distant planet called, "Aian," who were dispatched to the earth to interact with people and find out solutions to save their threatened planet.

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"How will SM Entertainment deal with these avatars once the human members terminate their contract with the company? Do they still own the digital entities even if the human members do not want them to be used in the future?"

source: AiA-fab & The Korea Times
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Yugyeom teases his solo album (& 2 titles?)

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the amount of "Yugyeom 'got7' tracks" jokes I've seen on my tl this day...