June 8th, 2021

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Stellar Members Post Cute Choreo Video Of Their Song “Sting”

Edit: Since it’s an IG reel and not a post, I think that’s why it won’t embed properly. If I can fix it later I’ll try. Added a fan upload on YouTube.

The former members of Stellar hung out recently and did some choreo from their song (OP’s favorite song from them) Sting! Its cute that they still have a good bond ❤️

Source: @juminhee, the cheat

"Unboxing" with JinJin & Kino (ep 12)

Welcome to the final episode of ‘UNBOXING’ w/ ASTRO’s JINJIN and PENTAGON’s KINO! What is the ending song the hosts recommended that will determine the last episode's ending pose?! It's time for the two hosts and the DIVE Studios crew to share stories they couldn't share before! What is the question the hosts asked that puzzled the DIVE Studios producers?!

source: DIVE Studios Podcasts

Pink Fantasy "Poison" Arang & Yechan teaser pics

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