June 10th, 2021

LOONA "AND" Album Tracklist and Details.

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Monsta X interview videos with GQ & Seveteen

Actually Me with GQ

On this episode of Actually Me, MONSTA X goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from Twitter, Wikipedia and Quora. Where do they imagine being in 15 years? Who regrets not buying Bitcoin? Which member has the most tattoos? Which artist would they like to collaborate with?

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Hyungwon take your shirt off I want to see something

source: Seventeen & GQ

"Hidden Bag" with Nana

The title of this video will be 'Nana's W Hidden Bag' with #ETRO. But with lots of beauty tips and polaroid gift...! It's a video you must watch if you have lots of concerns about your skin, or about your body shape, because of the nearing summer. It contains things that Nana does every day to take care of herself. The perfume that Nana used for almost 10 years? The product that Nana applies on her face before going to sleep? Nana's lips care method is? How to take pretty pictures with polaroid?

source: W KOREA

Mnet producer sentenced to jail for rigging votes

A producer of a popular K-pop audition program was sentenced to one year in prison for rigging the show's vote results in determining the final winners, a court ruled Thursday.

The Seoul Central District Court delivered the sentence to the producer, surnamed Kim, one of the creators of Mnet's 2017 show "Idol School,' on charges of obstruction of business. He was arrested in court.

Kim was indicted in July for manipulating the vote outcome of the program on Mnet, part of South Korean entertainment giant CJ ENM, together with a senior Mnet manager.

The manager, who was also indicted, was handed a 10 million won (US$8,960) fine as the court deemed him an accessory, not an accomplice of the crime.

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Mnet's new audition/survival show "Girls Planet 999" will be premiering in August

source: Yonhap News

"Hospital Playlist" aims to provide warmth amid pandemic

Amid a flood of Korean TV series with dramatic plots -- that has even coined the term "makjang" -- or those featuring badass heroes, one medical drama with a storyline featuring doctors' everyday routines and next-door neighbor characters captivated viewers last year.

"Hospital Playlist," directed by Shin Won-ho and written by Lee Woo-jung, is set to return next week, with Shin hoping that the series will provide a sense of warmth and optimism amid the new coronavirus pandemic.

"I hope it is a warm drama," Shin said in an online news conference Thursday, a week ahead of the second season's launch scheduled for June 17.

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source: Yonhap News
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A.C.E - Siren: Dawn Concept Pics Sun Vers Pt 2

Siren_Sun Jun

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See the rest of the SUN concept teasers here!

Source: @official_ACE7 1 2 3

Album details have also been teased with 3 different versions. I guess each album will have both Sun and Siren_Sun/Moon Siren_Moon etc pics.
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Yugyeom MV(?) teaser & Bambam 2nd MV teaser

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Sources: yugyeom / Bambam SPACE
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Han Ye Seul spills the tea in new tell-all video

Han Ye Seul has gone head-to-head to fight recent controversial rumors.

On the 9th, Han Ye-seul released a 23-minute video on her YouTube channel and quickly explained everything from her boyfriend's past to the Burning Sun controversy.

Rather than the obvious tearful explanations, she boldly addressed rumors stating at times "should I even say this?" and didn't hesitate to curse several times emphasizing, "celebrities are people too."

Below is a Q&A summary of Han Ye Seul's retorts to growing rumors.

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sources: Daily Sports, Dailynaver, HYS Youtube Channel

I admire her for setting the record straight. She really dgaf and I like that.
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Former BTOB member Ilhoon sentenced to 2 years in prison

Former BTOB member Jung Il-hoon has been sentenced to prison.

On the 10th, during trial held at 2pm, Chief Judge Cheol-han of the Seoul Central District Court sentenced Il-hoon to 2 years in prison for habitually smoking marijuana. The court also judged that Il-hoon was a flight risk and arrested him in court.

Il-hoon is accused of conspiring with 7 people from July 2016-January 2019 and remitting 133 million won of marijuana to the unnamed person 161 times. He's also accused of buying marijuana and liquid hemp and smoking 161 times within the same period.

Prosecutors had initially demanded 4 years in prison and a fine of 133 million won.

In his final statement, Il-hoon appealed for leniency stating, "I was under extreme stress while working in the entertainment industry at a young age. I tried to solve this in the wrong way and have vowed not to depend on it ever again."

sources: dailynaver, Sports Kyunghyang

"Doom at your service" episode 9 and 10 discussion post

Director: Kwon Young Il

Screenwriter: Im Mary

Network: TVN

Episodes: 16

Airtime: May 10 - June 29, 2021

Runtime: Monday & Tuesday

Cast: Park Bo Young (Tak Dong Kyung), Seo In Guk (Kim Sa Ram/”Myeol Mang”), Lee Soo Hyuk (Cha Joo Ik), Kang Tae Oh (Lee Hyun Gyu), Shin Do Hyun (Na Ji Na), SF9 Dawon (Tak Seon Kyung), Woo Hee Jin (Kang Soo Ja), Jeong Ji So (“So Nyeo Shin”)

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The show is available on Dramanice and Viki

Source: Drama info and image via Mydramalist, Dramanice, Viki

Some of you were right about the deity in the last post! Really annoyed by Hyun Gyu.

Woozi laughing but not
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Kakao Entertainment is buying StayC's label

source: thseoulstory, naver

STAYC are now under Kakao M along with IU, The Boyz, Weeekly, Apink, Victon, WJSN, Monsta X, CRAVITY, IZ*ONE's Ahn Yujin & Jang Wonyoung (x)
Xiao Dejun

NCT VIDEO & INSTA ROUNDUP (feat. 2 remixes for HOT SAUCE)

TW: LOTS of flashing images and fast transitions/color changes

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Sources: SMTOWN, Scream Records, NCT 127 1, 2, Yangyang, Hendery, Kun 1, 2

I included the posts from all 3 of them because except for the group pics, they also posted solo shots. :D
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DIA's Yebin to release project single "Yes I Know" in July, filming MV this sunday {no solo debut}

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Sources: nugupromoter, DIA_intl
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Naver and Kakao are competing to acquire Lee Sooman’s shares of SM Entertainment

A run-down with all the info:

- According to the IB industry, Lee Sooman, the largest shareholder of SM Entertainment has been attempting to selling his stake (18.73%) since last year. At that time, he was in contact with Tencent and other Chinese companies.

- At the beginning of this year, HYBE offered to negotiate but LSM rejected this offer. It’s said that Lee Soo Man rejected the offer because HYBE already understands how to run a K-Pop agency successfully. As such, this would leave no place for his expertise in the company. Thus, it seems that Lee intends to remain a key figurehead in the industry despite selling his stake in SM Entertainment.

- After contacting domestic and foreign IT and game companies, it is now into negotiations with Kakao and Naver.

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source: TMIKpop 1 2 3 4, koreaboo 1 2 3, soompi, hankyung, SBSBiz, investchosun, naver, thebell

tl;dr: bigger fish might eat big fish but also maybe not because the fish all are not satisfied with the other fish.