June 13th, 2021

Alcohol free Nayeon

Cignature Adds 2 New Members: Chloe & Dohee

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Sunn and YeAh left this year, and instead of continuing as a 5 member group, the company has added 2 new members, Chloe & Dohee. Chloe was born in 2001 and Dohee is the new maknae as an ‘02 liner.

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Wooyoung Money



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I've always loved the sharpness in Wooyoung's features. I can't explain it without actually sounding like Wooyoung explaining something. Getting more excited for June 28th!

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Marc Pumkin

This Sunday on Inkigayo !

Who performed what: TWICE - "Alcohol Free" WEi - "Bye Bye Bye" LIGHTSUM - "Vanilla" N.Flying - "Moonlight"EPEX - "Lock Down" woo!ah! - "Purple"WOO JIN YOUNG - "Happy Birthday" EVERGLOW - "FIRST"HA SUNG WOON - "Sneakers" Rocket Punch - "Ring Ring" MONSTA X - "Gambler" TXT - "0X1=LOVESONG" GWSN - "Like It Hot" TO1 - "Son Of Beast" • BLING BLING - "Oh MAMA" • GHOST9 - "Up All Night" TRI.BE - "Rub-A-Dum" • BLITZERS - "Breathe Again" •

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🥇 BTS with "Butter" (9744)
🥈 Oh My Girl with "Dun Dun Dance'" (4935)
🥉 Heize with "Happen'" (4909)

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SEVENTEEN release 'Your Choice' track list, album details and last batch of photo teasers

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how are we feeling about those title track credits?
angry pingu

ITZY Lia's classmate that exposed alleged bullying ruled innocent in defamation suit

Classmate A that accused ITZY's Lia (21) of school bullying has been ruled innocent.

On the 13th, the Incheon Yeon-su Police Station announced that they have decided not to charge Lia's classmate A for defamation over post about Lia's alleged bullying.

In February, A posted an article in an online community titled 'I'm a victim of school violence by a popular female idol born in 2000.' A then claimed that Lia borrowed money and never paid it back and bullied her friend for no reason. A stated that she confronted Lia on why she kept harassing her friend and revealed that she was traumatized by Lia's constant swearing and abuse.

Afterwards, JYP revealed in a statement, "We will proceed with a lawsuit against this matter. We plan to take strong legal action against acts that damage our artist's reputation and interfere with activities by spreading malicious comments and false facts."

But after receiving JYP's complaint, police have determined it difficult to apply defamation charge against Lia's classmate A. Police stated, "It's difficult to see how A's post was written to slander Lia. She's only expressing what she had experienced."
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