June 15th, 2021


Park Seo Joon reportedly joins "The Marvels"

According to StarNews Korea, popular South Korean actor Park Seo-Joon has reportedly been cast to join Brie Larson in Marvel Studios’ forthcoming Captain Marvel sequel pic titled The Marvels. Further details about his potential character are still being kept under wraps, but the outlet notes that Park is rumored to shoot the upcoming MCU film in the second half of this year as soon as he completes production on his forthcoming South Korean disaster pic titled Concrete Utopia which also stars G.I. Joe alum Lee Byung-Hun. Should this casting rumor be proven, this would mark the 32-year-old actor’s first major Hollywood project. He would also become the second South Korean actor to debut in an MCU film following Ma Dong-Seok in Chloe Zhao’s upcoming Eternals movie.

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His agency has responded with "no comment".

source: comingsoon

"Beyond Evil" Official Trailer

When a murder resembling a cold case from 20 years ago happens in the same small town, a demoted detective and an ace rookie partner up to hunt the killer down. As they dig deeper, they find themselves questioning everything they thought they knew, and asking themselves: Who is the real monster among them?

The award-winning crime thriller BEYOND EVIL stars Shin Ha-kyun (SOUL MECHANIC) and Yeo Jin-goo (HOTEL DEL LUNA).

source: The Swoon
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Monsta X "Autocomplete Interview" for WIRED & "I LUV IT" for W Korea

MONSTA X take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. Who in MONSTA X has a tattoo? Who in MONSTA X can speak English? How was MONTSA X formed? Who is their choreographer?

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Rumor is Jooheon uses those cotton buds to clean out his dimples. Takes him 10 minutes per cheek, they're so deep. Also omg at Wired for bringing up some painful No Mercy memories lol.

source: W KOREA & WIRED
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Who's in ? Who's out ? This week's Billboard Charts are here !

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What's new? Released on May 31st, TXT's second album "The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE" is the best selling album (43 000 album units= 39 000 pure sales + 6,42 million on-demand streams) of this week and enters the Billboard 200 chart at No. 5!  They join EXO and BTS as the only Korean acts to chart at least 4 albums!

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This gives me vampire vibes... which is funny because Nichkhun doesn't look like he's aged a day since 2010.

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A.C.E - Siren: Dawn Concept Pics Eclipse_SIREN & VEILED Vers

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Source: @Official_ACE7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 | @junheevnt

the show preview shows the outfits for the moon concept photos.
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Good lord, not having a schedule is infuriating. But looking at the way they're releasing things, it looks like they release a Light version and visual film during the day and the Dark version during the night. I think going forward, unless someone beats me to it, I will do one daily update. In other news, Nichkhun is a vampire. Change my mind.

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