June 16th, 2021


Teaser roundup featuring BDC, Han Seung Woo & Pink Fantasy


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Jay Park is trending, so you know it's a mess

In recent MV for DNA remix, Jay park and friends rap about the pride of carrying the “Korean DNA”, and being korean.
Without context that seems pretty great...  if it were not for the styling (check the MV for yourself).
In true Jay Park fashion, instead of listening to fair criticism from his fans and casual listeners (Mukkbang [Remix] déjà vu anyone?), he decided to write a youtube thesis... and it's not cute.
PR training needed

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Had to drop BLM somewhere to make it legit...

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JYP denies ITZY member Lia's bullying allegations

*a follow up to this post

JYP Entertainment, home to K-pop girl group ITZY, denied Tuesday allegations that member Lia bullied her classmate when she was in middle school.

The company recently filed a complaint with police against an internet user in her 20s for allegedly defaming Lia with the bullying allegations, but the case was dropped. JYP said it will ask the law enforcement agency to reinvestigate the allegations, which have "tarnished" Lia's reputation.

"The fact that she (the accuser) has been cleared of the defamation suspicion does not imply that Lia bullied her," the label said in a statement. "We are planning to request a reinvestigation so that the truth can be uncovered. We believe no one should fall victim to distortion."

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source: The Korea Times

BamBam kicks off solo career with debut Korean EP 'riBBon'

BamBam, the versatile Thai rapper-singer from disbanded K-pop boy band GOT7, has taken his first step as a solo artist with his new album "riBBon," which he wrote.

The six-track album, released late Tuesday, is his first album as a solo musician after members of the septet left their label JYP Entertainment in January following a seven-year stint. BamBam has since signed with Abyss Company, which manages other Korean acts like Sunmi and Urban Zakapa.

In an online media event late Tuesday, BamBam said "riBBon" marks a new chapter in his musical career and anticipated that it will show more of his color.

"The focus of the album was showing my beginning as a solo artist," he said. "You may have noticed, but 'riBBon' is a word play for the English word 'reborn' and also carries the meaning of tying a new knot -- like a ribbon."

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MCD Dance Challenge with Twice "Dance The Night Away"

With: Rocket Punch, Everglow, woo!ah!, TO1, TRI.BE, GHOST9, GWSN and Twice

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Favorite cover?

Rocket Punch

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Boyz II Men signs to Ravi's agency for Korean promotions, will collab with VIBE

VIXX’s Ravi’s agency GROOVL1N is joining hands with Boyz II Men!

Boyz II Men is a legendary American R&B group known for their hit songs like “I’ll Make Love to You” and “End of the Road,” and they have also won four Grammy awards.

The group will begin their promotions in Korea through a collaboration with Vibe. Boyz II Men will be singing an English remake of the song “Love Me Once Again,” which was originally released as Vibe’s debut track in 2002. This collaboration has been in the works for around a year and is one of many collaborations that Vibe will release ahead of their new album this November, as well as their 20th anniversary in 2022.

The English version of “Love Me Once Again” by Boyz II Men and Vibe will be released on June 30 at 6 p.m. KST.

Huh. Anyways. "II" is still one of the best 90s R&B albums, and when this came on the shuffle a few nights ago, Wanya's vocal run at the end still makes me feel all the feels.

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d.o. ☆call me baby comeback.

aespa & STAYC - Both groups currently in the Melon top 10

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next level is currently at #2 and ASAP at #8

"Doom at your service" episode 11 and 12 discussion post

Director: Kwon Young Il

Screenwriter: Im Mary

Network: TVN

Episodes: 16

Airtime: May 10 - June 29, 2021

Runtime: Monday & Tuesday

Cast: Park Bo Young (Tak Dong Kyung), Seo In Guk (Kim Sa Ram/”Myeol Mang”), Lee Soo Hyuk (Cha Joo Ik), Kang Tae Oh (Lee Hyun Gyu), Shin Do Hyun (Na Ji Na), SF9 Dawon (Tak Seon Kyung), Woo Hee Jin (Kang Soo Ja), Jeong Ji So (“So Nyeo Shin”)

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The show is available on Dramanice and Viki

Source: Drama info and image via Mydramalist, Dramanice, Viki

So the plant = Myeol Mang? Also the girl deity could've been a little bit more careful erasing their memories, with 'Kim Sa Ram's' phone number still in Dong Kyung's phone...

Wooyoung Money


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I love Chansung. I hate the wet hair look. Who do we think it'll be tomorrow, Omona? At this point I think the folks at JYPE just wake up in the morning, lick their finger, and stick it up in the air to determine whose photo they'll post next. That or whoever is not on their spoiler 💩list for the day. Which means Taec is probably last.

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yerin seggc

Jung Yerin signs under Sublime Entertainment!


Sublime's Twitter: @SublimeArtist_
Sublimes Insta: 1, 2, & 3
Yerin's Insta: @every_nn
Translations provided by: @GFS_backup