June 17th, 2021


Astro's Bin & Weki Meki's Yoojung dance to After School

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These cuties need to stop playing and give us a full cover medley! Their covers for Nine Muses and Oh My Girl can be seen here.

source: WekiMeki_Staff & ASTRO_Staff

Teaser roundup featuring Day6, Pink Fantasy, & BDC

DAY6 (Even of Day) "Right Through Me" album tracklist

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source: day6official, pinkfantasy_kr 1 2, BDC_BNM

EXO's Kai to appear as an innkeeper on tvN's new variety show

Kai of K-pop boy band EXO will run an inn for newlyweds on tvN's upcoming variety show, "Udo Inn," the cable channel said Thursday.

Kai, along with other big-name stars like actress Kim Hee-sun and TV personality Tak Jae-hoon, will head for Udo to welcome couples who recently struggled to plan their weddings amid the protracted COVID-19 pandemic. Udo is a small island located 3.5 kilometers off the coast of Jeju, a major tourist attraction packed with picturesque scenery.

The stars will take on different roles as innkeepers, inviting three couples a day and serving them meals. But tvN has not revealed which roles will be assigned to whom.

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I'm hoping for something like Youn's Stay, but with more sexy!

source: tvN & The Korea Times
Yoohyeon Smile

Dreamcatcher's JiU and SuA cover JYP's 'Switch to Me'

Girls in suits? ✔ Check
Retro funk? ✔ Check
Not JYP? ✔ Check

Source: Dreamcatcher official

SuA is divine, and Yoohyeon JiU looks spectacular in her suit omg.
Also, do we have a tag related to girls in suits? If not I know what to campaign next tag post!

Edit: Sorry mods, Had to edit the post. It's JiU not Yoohyeon in the video. I'll make sure to triple check next time!! I need to stop making posts first thing when I wake up zzzz
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유겸 (YUGYEOM) - '네 잘못이야 (All Your Fault) (Feat. GRAY)' Official Music Video + EP [Point Of View: U]

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Source: AOMGOFFICIAL / Spotify / Mnet K-pop / gif

I think my opinion is the same re: Bambam vs Yugyeom: their vocals aren't quite strong enough to carry a whole album. I was gonna say the b-sides are better than the title but I think All Your Fault is maybe one of the better songs on the album... all the songs kinda blend into each other. What do you think omona?

Also not sure what I think about this whole aesthetic Yugyeom's going with... give me more proper dancing! That's your specialty boy!

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Ryu Sera reacts to the 9Muses 'Dolls' reunion performance on MMTG!

TLDW; Dolls is her favourite song, she wishes they didn't perform in the white outfits, and she's pretty sure they used a MR recording with her vocals still in.

Source: Sera Ryu-류 세라

For those curious about Sera's absence, she does not address it in this video but has addressed in the past that she experienced a lot of trauma from the entertainment industry especially during her time in Namyu. She has dipped her toes returning to the stage with the 'comeback concept' show Miss Back, but she hasn't expressed much desire to return the stage since then.

Rocket Punch to have official JP debut on August 4th

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sources: @balloon_wanted, Rocket Punch JAPAN OFFICIAL WEBSITE (2), song description was translated with DeepL.

covers haven't been released yet.