June 28th, 2021

Wooyoung Money

2PM Holds a Press Conference for < MUST > 100 Days After Junho's Discharge From Military Service


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Sorry for multiples in a day, mods; there's a lot happening. Hopefully there won't be anything else before the MV. I mostly wanted to post pretty photos. I also love the fact that the album's release is 100 days post Junho's discharge.

Source: Naver 1, 2, 3, | TheSeoulStory 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 | KPop Herald 1, 2, 3
Alcohol free Nayeon

MSG Wannabe’s M.O.M & JSDK’s “Foolish Love” & “Only You”

MSG Wannabe, a project group formed on MBC's reality show "Hangout with Yoo," is going strong on multiple music streaming charts with its new retro-flavored ballads.

MSG Wannabe is made up of two sub-units, M.O.M and JSDK, which dropped "Foolish Love" and "Only You," respectively, on Saturday. M.O.M consists of comedian Ji Suk-jin (Byuloo-G) and singers KCM (Kang Chang-mo), Wonstein and Parc Jae-jung, while JSDK comprises singers Kim Jung-min (Kim Jung-soo), Simon D (Jung Ki-suk) and actors Lee Dong-hwi and Lee Sang-yi.

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You can find the songs officially on Spotify

Source: Alphasubs 1, 2, Dong Sun-hwa at The Korea Times

If you want to see popular or what has demand right now, it’s these two songs. These two flew to the #1 & #2 spots on Melon incredibly fast.

K-pop activism a lifeline for Thailand's hard-hit 'tuk tuk' drivers

Bangkok "tuk tuk" taxi driver Samran Thammasa, 39, had never heard of K-pop star Jessica Jung before the coronavirus pandemic, but now the singer's Thai fans are helping him survive the loss of tourist customers.

His bright green three-wheeled motorcycle rickshaw has been mostly vacant for more than a year. In the past few months, though, he's earned about 600 baht ($19) a month to feature K-pop ads on his vehicle.

"The extra income may not be a lot for most people but it is for us," he said, glancing at a shimmering vinyl banner of Jung.

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I'm not sure how to tag this

source: Reuters & reuters

University of Seoul's tuition hike plan for foreign students causes stir

Controversy has arisen over the University of Seoul's plan to nearly double the tuition fees paid by foreign students starting next year.

Some students and members of the general public say the sudden hike is unfair and taking advantage of a minority group at the school. However, others say the school's tuition fees are kept artificially low through subsidies from taxpayers and it is improper to provide such a benefit to foreign students who do not pay taxes.

The university held a tuition review committee meeting June 11 and decided to raise the fees for international undergraduate and graduate students entering next year by 100 percent and 20 percent, respectively.

The University of Seoul, an affiliate of Seoul Metropolitan Government, introduced "half-price tuition" in 2012 under former Mayor Park Won-soon to relieve the financial burden on students and parents amid rows over high tuition costs at colleges here.

Since then the tuition for students in the humanities and social science department has remained at 1.02 million won ($906) per semester, regardless of a student's nationality, which is less than half of most of other universities in the country.

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Omona, do international students in your country pay for more school? At my old college, nonresidents can pay up to double the tuition at some schools.

source: The Korea Times