June 30th, 2021


Mass K-pop concert to take place in person next month amid pandemic

In line with eased social distancing rules, a mass K-pop concert will be held in person here next month for the first time since the new coronavirus pandemic broke out early last year, organizers said Wednesday.

"Together Again, K-pop Concert" will kick off at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in the Olympic Park in southeastern Seoul at 5 p.m. July 17, according to the Korea Management Federation (KMF).

The long-awaited offline concert will be co-hosted by the KMF and Arirang TV, the country's English-language broadcasting channel that airs worldwide.

A total of 26 K-pop acts -- such as NCT Dream, Oh My Girl, Brave Girls, and BTOB, as well as popular ballad singers Kim Tae-woo and Baek Ji-young -- will perform at the event.

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source: Yonhap News

Son Ye-jin to return with new drama "Thirty, Nine"

Actress Son Ye-jin is set to star in the new JTBC drama tentatively titled, "Thirty, Nine," according to her management company MS Team Entertainment Wednesday.

"Thirty, Nine" is a 12-part TV series that revolves around three single women nearing 40. In the drama, Son will play the role of Cha Mi-jo, the chief dermatologist at a clinic in the posh Gangnam district of southern Seoul, who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

Actress Jeon Mi-do, best known for her performance in the popular tvN drama, "Hospital Playlist," will play Jeong Chan-young, one of the three protagonists. More cast members will be announced later.

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source: The Korea Times

Omona's Pick: 2021 2nd Quarter Kpop Favorites

Let's look back at our favorite Kpop releases during the second quarter of 2021 (April-June). Feel free to talk about your favorites including but not limited to title tracks or b-sides, MV/visual concept, live performances, choreography, etc.

Here are my personal favorites:

P1Harmony - Ayaya
This catchy b-side grabbed me and refused to let go.

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Source: P1Harmony 1, 2, 1theK, TOON STUDIO, BAEKHYUN
Yoohyeon Smile

DREAMCATCHER MIND EP 6: 'Past Life Exploration'

Content Warning: This episode involves hypnotism and Yoohyun talks about her father's passing, there is a lot of crying.

Click CC for English Subs!

Source: Dreamcatcher official

I thought there was going to be a part 2 for the variety games due to the cookie teaser at the end, but I guess not. This episode is very emotional and while I'm a sceptic of hypnotism to "see into your past life", it is quite obvious it is useful therapy for people like Yoohyun with deep-rooted grief.

🖤EP 1 Post | 🖤EP 2 Post | 🖤EP 3 Post | 🖤EP 3.2 Post | 🖤EP 5 Post

Blackswan to have comeback in late August

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sources: @balloon_wanted, Daum, @blackswan_drent

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for some context regarding the tweet under the cut, they took applications for an international audition in may and recently contacted audition winner(s). i'll make another post once they actually announce the winner(s). pretty safe to assume the comeback will include the new member(s). (why anyone would still wanna join this company is beyond me, lol.)
eating shownu

Suck It Up with Monsta X

Suck It Up is BACK! We figured we would go all out with our return and get the boys of MONSTA X to take on this sour candy challenge. Have they ever been in love? Have they ever feuded with a fellow group mate? Let's find out. Also, check out MONSTA X's new single 'GAMBLER' out now!

i definitely read that title wrong at first glance...i miss shownu. jooheon's face is so expressive.

Source: delish
jennie's meh face

Ex-AOA Mina goes Instagram official with her boyfriend, accused of being a homewrecker

AOA's Mina has revealed her new boyfriend to a lot of controversy.

On the 26th, Mina shared a photo in a friendly pose with a guy captioned simply with "💗" emoji drawing the attention of fans. When a fan asked if she was dating, she replied, "yes" acknowledging that the photo was that of her lover.


Later, controversy arose that she met OOO through an affair and was pretending to be a victim using her status and depression as a shield. Immediately after the photo was posted, her boyfriend was revealed to have been in a relationship with another woman for 3 years and Mina knew this when she met him.

Contents of their DM's on IG were released on Pann that showed that Mina messaged him first to ask to draw for her when she knew he had a girlfriend as they were in a public relationship at the time (OP note: OMG how scandalous).
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sources: dailynaver, OSEN, @kvwowv on Instagram

"Doom at your service" episode 15 and 16 (finale) discussion post

Director: Kwon Young Il

Screenwriter: Im Mary

Network: TVN

Episodes: 16

Airtime: May 10 - June 29, 2021

Runtime: Monday & Tuesday

Cast: Park Bo Young (Tak Dong Kyung), Seo In Guk (Kim Sa Ram/”Myeol Mang”), Lee Soo Hyuk (Cha Joo Ik), Kang Tae Oh (Lee Hyun Gyu), Shin Do Hyun (Na Ji Na), SF9 Dawon (Tak Seon Kyung), Woo Hee Jin (Kang Soo Ja), Jeong Ji So (“So Nyeo Shin”)

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The show is available on Dramanice and Viki

Source: Drama info and image via Mydramalist, Dramanice, Viki

What are your final thoughts on the show?


LIGHTSUM covers their senior Cube groups*

*minus CLC

Full video here, video is blocked from other sites besides YouTube