July 2nd, 2021

dont fuck with jisoo

Cry me a river: S*ungri breaks down in tears as prosecution demand 5 year prison sentence

Trashcan has broken down in tears after military prosecutors asked for 5 year prison sentence.

On morning of the 1st, Judge Colonel Min Je Hwang held the 25th trial for Trashcan's prostitution and other 'Burning Sun' charges for record 17 hours interrogation that went on for two consecutive days.

Trashcan reiterated his position and denied all 8 charges but prosecutor stated, "Even though Trashcan is the one that benefited the most from the crime, he is shifting responsibility to persons involved so we request severe punishment for his wrongful actions and attitude. We ask the court to sentence him to 5 years in prison and fine of 20 million."

Trashcan shed tears in his final pleas (OP note: bohoooooo!) and stated, "I promise to be reborn (OP note: lord no haven't we suffered enough already). I'm sorry to former colleagues, former agency officials and family who had to go through a difficult time because of me."

Regarding reason for the 5 year prison sentence, prosecution stated, "The crime has continued over the years for his own economic gain and he used Korean women to provide sexual entertainment and kept friends through illegal gambling. Monkey Museum was an illegal entertainment establishment for two years despite the crackdown. His crime quality is also not good, from prostitution, habitual gambling. It all came down from not learning well as he was coming-of-age. Trashcan is the one that gained from the crime but he still won't admit and kept blaming the other people involved."
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Poll #2111847 Let's get drunk (on love of course)

What is your summer comba gonna taste like

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the color of the sky is Martini blue

Flashback Friday

Every week I go through the past charts and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we are going back to the 1st week of July, 2009. First half of the year is over! A nice mix of songs this week.

#3 SHINee “Juliette”
This was the single from the group’s “Romeo” EP, their first release of 2009. Get it, Romeo and Juliette? Heh. This did well, and would be in the charts for weeks. This week, let’s check out the group’s dance MV for the song. The dance scenes are the only thing I remember about the original music video lol. I don’t remember the rest of the video at all.

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source: SMTOWN, MBCkpop 1 2 3, 1theK & soompi
aoa cancelled

Ex-girlfriend of former AOA Mina's new boyfriend comes forward with recipes

Follow up to this post

Hello, I've been dating Mina's boyfriend, Yoo, who was a big issue last weekend, for about 3 years.

After what happened, I thought deeply about how to deal with it, and I wrote this because I felt it was unfair what Mina and him posted. I thought it would be better to explain it myself.

First of all, I'll show you exactly what happened from the day Mina first sent DM to my then boyfriend, the day Mina and Yoo's photos were posted, and what him and I talked about.
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sources: dailynaver, Pann, @ChaSanghyukie

tl;dr: her boyfriend of 3 years basically ghosted her for a celebrity
dont fuck with jisoo

Weeping S*ungri reads letter in court; apologizes to Big Bang, YG and his family but not the victims

After prosecution demanded a 5 year prison sentence and 20 million won fine for his 'Burning Sun' charges, Trashcan insisted on his innocence in final statement, especially when he mentioned Big Bang.

He pulled out a piece of paper he had prepared and read it, confessing, “I received a lot of love for 15 years since I was 17-year-old trainee. But because of my mistake, everything collapsed in an instant.

However, he protested stating, "There were a lot of allegations with over 100 articles written about me, but most of them aren't true. It's not true that I fled to the army. I was scheduled to enlist in March 2019 but I postponed it and cooperated with investigations. I was trying to prove my innocence.”

He also mentioned Burning Sun club and stated, "There were suspicions that drugs were distributed at Burning Sun, sexual crimes took place and I was protected by public authorities. But through the investigation process, it was revealed that there was no connection to me. I'm upset because the suspicion hasn't been resolved and I'm falsely getting criticized."
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sources: dailynaver, My Daily
Xiao Dejun


WayV - Action Figure (Kun Remix Ver.)

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NCT Dream's episode on Weekly Idol will be released on 7th of July!!!
Also, Jeno and Jisung were on vlive and danced to a bunch of songs (EXO, NCT etc.). No subs out yet.