July 6th, 2021

Chansung Slaps Wooyoung

2PM <MUST> Trailer Making Film

Apparently the team had asked who would be comfortable with showing some skin and Khun said since he has been working out regularly, he'll do it. AND THEN FORGETS ABOUT IT FOR A MONTH. And still shows up looking like that. RUDE. I also love the dorkiness of Junho truly wanting to wash a car. And Taec should have kept the glasses on.

Source: 2PM

Naver Webtoon unveils Marvel's "Black Widow" webcomic

Naver Webtoon will release a Korean webcomic version of "Black Widow," based on the Marvel Comics character ― played by Scarlett Johansson ― who has appeared in most of the Marvel films, every Tuesday and Friday.

The publishing company Sigongsa announced Tuesday that it had signed a deal with online platform giant Naver and Marvel Comics, and released the first Korean-language online issue of "Black Widow," based on the 2016 comics published by Marvel.

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source: The Korea Times

Kim You-jung from 6 to 22

Kim You-jung may be all grown up now, but those sparkly eyes and that radiant smile have stayed unchanged through the years. From dishing out sassy comebacks as a precocious little girl to playing an undercover eunuch trying not to fall in love, take a trip down memory lane and see how she cemented her place as a bonafide leading lady 🤩

source: The Swoon