July 13th, 2021


Teaser roundup with AkMu & Astro

AkMu "Next Episode" collaboration album tracklist

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K-dramas Explained - What is a Gumiho?

Nine times the tails, nine times the charm — gumihos have been everything from the scary villains to the romantic leads in K-dramas. What exactly are these mythical creatures that fascinate us with their powers? From folklore legends to your bubbly roommate and mint-chocolate-chip lover, we introduce you to the world of nine-tailed foxes in Gumihos Explained 🦊

"My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho" is 10 years old now omg! It's the only Gumiho drama I've seen

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Director Lee Na-jung on leading hit female centric series "Mine"

The tvN drama series "Mine" recently wrapped up a successful run, with the last episode which aired on June 27 scoring its highest viewership rating of 10.5 percent.

The female-centric series, starring Lee Bo-young and Kim Seo-hyung, garnered popularity with flamboyant and stylish set designs, a well-blended mixture of genres from murder mystery to black comedy, and compelling performances by the actors.

"I wanted to create a refreshing story from the female-centric narrative," the series' director Lee Na- jeong, who is known for leading romance series like "Fight for My Way" and "Love Alarm," said in a recent written interview with The Korea Times.

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