July 19th, 2021


All 13 members of SEVENTEEN have renewed their contract with Pledis Entertainment

(about half a year ahead of schedule too)

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[😬] Fans Asks for Refund for Brave Girls' Official Merchandise Due to 'Poor Quality'

On July 12th, Brave Girls announced the release of their first official merchandise since their debut. Their official merchandise includes a wireless charger, bottle opener, beer and soju glasses, key chains, acrylic stands, photocards, photocard binder, air freshener, cleaning cloth, and grip toks.

As Brave Girls have become increasingly popular thanks to the re-run of "Rollin'," many fans were excited to finally have an official merchandise from the group.
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Source: kpopstarz

You all know I love BG but this was too funny (?) not to post. Just look at those items! That's a new low. I hope they get a refund.

Dreamcatcher Special Mini Album [Summer Holiday] Teaser Image #01

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source: @hf_dreamcatcher

gahyeon looks so good w/ red hair!

FNC Responds To Rumors About SF9’s Inseong Saying An Inappropriate Phrase + To Take Legal Action

FNC Entertainment released a statement following rumors of SF9’s Inseong saying an inappropriate phrase in one of their videos.
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TW: Sexual assault. Brands drop former Exo member Kris Wu after date rape allegation + netizens

Chinese brands have severed ties with the Chinese-Canadian singer-actor Kris Wu after he was accused of date rape by a student.
Wu shot to fame as a member of the South Korean boyband EXO. After leaving the group in 2014 he pursued a lucrative acting, modelling and singing career in China.
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Source: The Guardian, Insight.co.kr Instagram via Netizenbuzz. Bolded sections by me.

Please find international resources for dealing with sexual assault here: RCN, Harvard international resouces

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