July 21st, 2021

Monsta X photoshoot & interview megapost (📷 media heavy! 🎬)

:: Minhyuk for Arena Homme+, I.M for Cosmopolitan Korea,
Jooheon for Star1 Magazine, Hyungwon for Marie Claire Korea & videos ::

Minhyuk for Arena Homme+

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Sources: Arena Homme+, Cosmopolitan Korea, @Star1, Marie Claire Korea, W Korea IG, Dare U Naeju, SINGLES KOREA

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That’s a (long overdue;;) wrap on MX’s July issues
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Yoohyeon Smile

DREAMCATCHER MIND EP 9: 'Suspicious Company'

Source: Dreamcatcher official

More Dreamcatcher in suits oh my god I'm in heaven. I'm loving the office roleplay!! SuA 100% is a spoiled rich kid in another life lmfao. Yooyheon being a fan of herself is pure comedy but also the most predictable character story she would choose

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Dreamcatcher Special Mini Album [Summer Holiday] Teaser Image #03

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source: @hf_dreamcatcher

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these would be so much better without the ugly green filter.
devil judge

"Devil Judge" Episodes 5 & 6 Discussion Post

Director: Choi Jeong Kyoo [최정규]
Screenwriter: Moon Yoo Seok
Network: TvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: July 3 - August 22, 2021
Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:00

Cast: Ji Sung (Kang Yo-Han), Kim Min-Jung (Jung Sun-A), Park Jin Young (Kim Ga-On), Park Gyu-Young (Yoon Soo-Hyun)
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Plot: Set in a dystopian version of present-day Korea where daily life is one of chaos and society has collapsed to the point people openly voice their distrust and hatred for their leaders. In this world bereft of law and order, Head Trial Judge Kang is signaling the need for change. His courtroom is the subject of a reality show where he mercilessly punishes the guilty, earning him the nickname of "Devil Judge".
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You can WATCH this drama on: Dramanice | Viki | AsianTaxi

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also here's a recap (with spoilers obv) of episodes 3-4:
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Source: description & poster AsianWiki / JustForJinyoung / markbeomnyoung / soompi / gif

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And They Were Roommates ft. We Live In A Society, the kdrama

the tonal shifts throughout the drama are throwing me off, do we need the comedic moments really? there's a lot of different sub plots going on, whereas I think a focus on the characters themselves is more interesting (and it does seem like that's at least one of the carrying themes here)

also IKnowWhatTheFuckYou'reDoing.gif with these Gaon x Yohan interactions