July 27th, 2021

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Teaser roundup featuring CIX & Weeekly

CIX "OK Prologue : Be OK" Bae Jinyoung concept pic

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source: CIX_Official, _Weeekly, Weeekly 위클리

Kingdom Explained: Words you need to know in Ashin of the North

From places and people to the significance of the resurrection plant, there’s a lot to unpack in the world of KINGDOM. So whether you’re new to the series or an enthusiast looking for a refresher, here’s a handy guide to historical landmarks, clans, and all things KINGDOM to have you all caught up and ready for the 92-minute special episode 🧟

source: The Swoon

Olympic Figure Skating legend Hanyu Yuzuru is a fan of BTS

In an interview discussing his return to Dreams on Ice 2021, the legendary skater mentioned that he has been listening to BTS, especially the songs "DNA" and "Dynamite" thus revealing that even flawless looking angels can have bad taste sometimes. He also revealed that he especially enjoyed how they move (dance) and is "studying" them.

Hanyu Yuzuru won gold at the previous 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea where other k-boos skated to kpop including BTS at the exhibition, becoming only the second man in history to successfully defend his Olympic Gold/win two.

Sources [Yahoo Japan (rough trans by me, see twitter for alternative translation)][orangesrgd twitter]

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It's not the same thing, but I think this is one of the only people in the world who might understand what it's like to have ARMY as your fandom. Of course the way he interacts with fans and the public has zero overlap with BTS lol.

I know this isn't exactly breaking news, but I thought it was interesting. Hanyu doesn't often talk about pop music, and he only volunteers information if he wants to.