August 13th, 2021

WJSN Soobin and Oh My Girl Hyojung covers of “In Summer” + other versions

Soobin's version

WJSN's Soobin and Oh My Girl's Hyojung are the latest in a long list of artists to cover Deux’s classic “In Summer,” doing very different takes on K-pop’s first and ultimate summer song.

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I kept finding more versions of this song, there are just so many lol but I love Soobin's, she has such a sweet Disney princess voice 😍
Enjoy the last weeks of summer, everyone!

Highlights of South Korea at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

This is slightly belated at this point but nonetheless now that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are committed to history, I thought it’d be fun to summarize a few highlights of the South Korean / Republic of Korea delegation.

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icsm sana

Yujin Discusses CLC Unofficial Disbandment + Dream of Continuing Career on “Girls Planet 999”

In Episode 2 of “Girls Planet 999”, Yujin brought up how CLC’s team has been dismissed and she gave her all for CLC. But she’s aware with her image didn’t really fit their tough girl concept that CLC took on later on, so she didn’t stand out as much. She still loves to perform, and hopes she can rejuvenate her career through the show.

Source: Minkies

I think fans hold onto CLC still coming back but now you have Elkie and Yujin acknowledging it’s currently over. Though it’s a shame having to wait on the company to finalize it. Plus Producesorn, Sorn’s youtube channel, has had all the videos privated from public viewing.
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"D.P." Official Trailer

Outside of the military base and dressed casually, these soldiers may look like any other civilian, but the Deserter Pursuit unit is anything but. When duty calls and lives are put on the line, it’s their mission to track down runaway soldiers and bring them back safe and sound.

Jung Hae-in (ONE SPRING NIGHT) and Koo Kyo-hwan (KINGDOM: ASHIN OF THE NORTH) star in the new Netflix series D.P.

Coming to Netflix August 27.

source: The Swoon

Minah set to return to small screen with romance series "Check Out the Event"

Singer and actress Bang Min-ah, better known as Minah, of K-pop girl group Girl's Day, is returning to the small screen in MBC's miniseries "Check Out the Event," two years after appearing in the romantic comedy series "My Absolute Boyfriend."

"It's been a while since I took part in a series. When I was first offered the script for Check Out the Event, I was so thrilled to see love stories about people my age, going through things that I, myself, am also experiencing," she said during an online media conference for the series, Thursday.

The four-part romance, written by newcomer Kim Tae-joo who won the TV network's script writing contest last year, revolves around a former couple going on a trip they won when they were together.

Botanical garden coordinator Ha Song-yi (Bang) and an indie band vocalist Park Do-kyum (Kwon Hwa-woon) recently ended their five-year relationship. They decide to pretend to be still together to win a free couple's trip to Jeju Island, and the two start an emotional journey.

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source: The Korea Times
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Flashback Friday

Hey party people, happy Friday! Every week I go through the charts for this day in the past and share the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we are going back to see what we were listening to in the 2nd week in August, 2015. A nice mix of songs this week.

#3 Girls’ Generation “Party”
This was the first of three singles that the girls would release in the summer of ’15. The song would debut at the top spot, and it would also peak in the top ten on the charts in Japan. Not one of my personal fav songs from them, but I really liked the styling this era. I thought they all were so cute! Here’s their comeback stage at M Countdown.

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