August 17th, 2021


former iz*one members and produce 48 alumni to join hybe and source music's new girl group


i'm gonna laugh if the much anticipated hybe girl group just ends up being 50% iz*one. d for effort.
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fromis_9 Announce New Comeback For September 1st

fromis_9’s comeback is just around the corner!

On August 17, SPOTV News reported that the girl group will be releasing a new song on September 1.

A source from fromis_9’s new agency PLEDIS Entertainment clarified to Sports Kyunghyang, “fromis_9 is working with the goal of making a comeback in early September. This is their first comeback with PLEDIS Entertainment, so we’re paying special attention to them.”

This is their second comeback this year after “We Go” in May.

Source: L.Kim at Soompi, @soompi
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Girl Group/Female Soloist Gaon 2021 Sales So Far + Hanteo 1st Week Sales

The chart includes Gaon sales of new albums released this year and previous albums from their discography that also sold this year. It’s missing some smaller groups but has an overall impression on how it’s looking for girl group sales this year.

For Hanteo sales tracking, here’s a chart of the 1ST WEEK sales below the cut.

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Source: @girlgroupsales on Twitter 1, 2
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Bora & Soyou Joins Hyolyn In Dancing To Her Sistar Subunit Song “Summer or Summer”

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Source: @officialhyolyn_

Bora is still a babe! I hope we get an OT4 Sistar reunion eventually.

Couldn’t get the tiktok videos to post properly so I found tweets, good enough lol.
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Teaser roundup featuring Brave Girls, Kwon Eun Bi & STAYC

Brave Girls "After 'We Ride'" Minyoung teaser pics

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source: BraveGirls, woolliment, STAYC_official 1 2 3 4
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Why are mixed-gender groups rarely seen in K-pop?

Back in the 1990s, it was not hard to spot mixed-gender groups in the Korean music scene, with acts like Roo'Ra, Koyote, Cool, S#arp and Space A stealing the show with their numerous hits. "Co-ed" groups did have a unique edge in terms of their team composition and sonic styles, but following the tremendous rise of all-male and all-female groups in the late 2000s, the number of acts has plummeted. Today, mixed-gender groups are something of a rarity in the K-pop universe.

KARD, consisting of two male members ― BM and J.Seph ― and two female members ― Somin and Jiwoo ― is one of the few such groups that is hitting the ground running these days. There are some rookie acts like CHECKMATE and Triple Seven (777), but all of them have yet to create a splash.

Critics point out that there is one big factor threatening the survival of most of these groups: the difficulty in forming a solid and loyal fan base, which is indispensable to the success of contemporary K-pop stars.

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Who's your favorite co-ed group, Omona? I feel like they left out a lot of groups/duos in the article...I mean Co-Ed School literally has "co-ed" in their name lol

source: The Korea Times

[TRIGGER WARNING] Kris Wu official arrested on suspicion of r*pe in China

Follow-up to this post.

Global Times, an English-language Chinese newspaper under the People’s Daily, reported on August 16, “‘Chinese-Canadian pop idol Kris Wu Yi Fan has been arrested on suspicion of r*pe,’ Beijing’s Chaoyang District prosecutors said in a statement on Monday.”

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Source: Naver and Global Times via Soompi

His stans are vile. Don't read the Soompi comments (although some are definitely outraged).