August 23rd, 2021

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MBC news head quits to take responsibility for Olympics reporting blunders

The head of MBC's news headquarters resigned on Monday to take responsibility for a sequence of serious blunders made by the national television during the Tokyo Olympics.

According to MBC, Min Byung-woo, chief of its news division, offered his resignation during a meeting of executives, and it was accepted by MBC President Park Sung-jae.

Sports division chief Song Min-geun was replaced and MBC Plus President Cho Neung-hoo got a verbal warning, the broadcasting company also said.

Despite the reshuffle, MBC President Park managed to avoid the fallout as he retained his job.

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More about MBC's Olympic coverage here, here, and here.

source: The Korea Times
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Joy has a Crush! Crush and Joy confirmed to be dating

On August 23, Korean news outlet Sports Chosun reported that Crush and Joy are currently dating.

The two singers collaborated on the song “Mayday” in May of last year, and according to Sports Chosun, they remained in touch afterwards and eventually began dating.

In response to the report, SM Entertainment and P NATION both commented, “They had a senior-junior relationship, but they recently began dating with good feelings toward each other.”

Source: soompi 2, naver, sportschosun, newsen, joynews24

Edit: Both released personal statements
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Yunho's children's book release raises people's eyebrows

Jung Yun-ho, better known as U-Know Yunho of K-pop duo TVXQ, will be releasing a children's book on Sept. 20, raising some eyebrows as he made headlines after violating social distancing rules at an escort bar in February.

YouTube channel CheckThisOut announced Sunday that the members of TVXQ ― Jung and Shim Chang-min ― will each release children's books that they wrote with a group of children as part of a project for the channel.

"(Jung's book) tells the tale of U-Know Yunho's childhood and follows a journey of a candid, innocent childhood spirit," it said of Jung's book.

In a preface for the book, Jung expressed that he was able to "find childhood innocence that has been trapped underneath the cover of being an adult" through working on the book. "As I did, I hope you can take the time to explore your own childhood spirit," he wrote.

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source: The Korea Times
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Seventeen will have a comeback in October

On August 23, OSEN reported that the group is preparing a new album that will be released in October.

In response to the report, a source from PLEDIS Entertainment confirmed, “SEVENTEEN is preparing to make a comeback aimed for mid-October.

This upcoming comeback will be only four months after their previous mini album “Your Choice” in June and their first album since the members renewed their contracts with PLEDIS Entertainment.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver, topstarnews

Twice announced their comeback, so Seventeen of course follows :-)
Any speculation what this new era might bring? Will it be a full album? An emotional title track?