August 25th, 2021

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Lucas posts an apology, will halt activities

NCT’s Lucas and SM Entertainment have released statements regarding the rumors of his actions towards his past girlfriends.

On August 23, a Korean netizen claiming to be Lucas’s ex-girlfriend uploaded a post on her social media and accused him of gaslighting and being a gold digger.

She explained that she had been a fan of Lucas until he approached her and they began dating. According to her, Lucas gaslighted her with words like, “I don’t like that you’re too much like a fan,” and “Don’t be a fan of an idol anymore,” when he was breaking up with her due to his busy schedule. She also stated that she had bought him luxurious gifts that he was initially thankful for but later rejected because he said he was “making enough money and didn’t need gifts unless it was a house or a car.” She wrote, “He always came to the hotel room, ordered room service, slept, and left. From the moment we checked out, he would go off the radar and keep his distance, saying he felt uncomfortable. He didn’t say a single word of gratitude and took it for granted that I was paying for him.” To back up her claims, she revealed her alleged chat logs with Lucas and photos he had sent her.

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Source: soompi via naver, lucasxx444

Adventures in nugudom: the songs you need to check out for the month of august

Lara - Swim In The Ocean

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Megan Thee Stallion Cleared to Release Remix of BTS’ ‘Butter’ on August 27th

UPDATE: According to legal documents obtained by Variety, a judge has ruled that Megan Thee Stallion is clear to release the remix of BTS’ “Butter” on which she is featured.  OP note: in an earlier article yesterday, it was reported that Megan Thee Stallion's label was blocking the release of the remix; see article under the cut.

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Source: Bighit Music twt, Variety, court documents also through Variety, can be read here
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Korea to lift game curfew for children

The government has decided to abolish the game curfew for children, 10 years after the controversial rule was established, as the outdated law is not having any positive effect and does not reflect changes in the gaming environment, relevant ministries said, Wednesday.

They said future policies will be more focused on giving greater flexibility and control to children and parents rather than applying forcible, unilateral measures.

The "shutdown system," which bans children under 16 from playing online computer games from midnight to 6 a.m., was introduced to encourage children to get enough sleep and protect their health, as game addiction was becoming a social problem. But its effectiveness has been questioned continuously and criticism has been made that it excessively infringes on the choices of young people, along with protests from game companies.

The major cause for the abolishment is the change in the game environment, where mobile games are dominating rather than computer games. Also there have emerged a number of media platforms available for teenagers at night.

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source: The Korea Times

Jay B on "The King of Mask Singer"

On the August 22 episode of MBC’s “The King of Mask Singer,” eight new contestants took on the first round in their quest for the crown.

The first match-up of Round 1 was between “Our House” and “Toad’s House” who sang a duet to Crush’s “Fall.” Our House showed off his soft and gentle vocals, while Toad’s House showed his warm vocal tone.

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Also note Jeong Sewoon being adorable at 0:07 in the first video!

Sources: and via Soompi; MBCentertainment (1, 2, 3)
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"Devil Judge" Episodes 15 & 16 Discussion Post [FIN]

Director: Choi Jeong Kyoo [최정규]
Screenwriter: Moon Yoo Seok
Network: TvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: July 3 - August 22, 2021
Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:00

Cast: Ji Sung (Kang Yo-Han), Kim Min-Jung (Jung Sun-A), Park Jin Young (Kim Ga-On), Park Gyu-Young (Yoon Soo-Hyun)
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Plot: Set in a dystopian version of present-day Korea where daily life is one of chaos and society has collapsed to the point people openly voice their distrust and hatred for their leaders. In this world bereft of law and order, Head Trial Judge Kang is signaling the need for change. His courtroom is the subject of a reality show where he mercilessly punishes the guilty, earning him the nickname of "Devil Judge".
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You can WATCH this drama on: Dramanice | Viki | AsianTaxi

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The grande finale! Lots of twists and turns in this one! Seems like a lot of people liked the ending after all? Any omonians who watched, what did you think? Also apparently Gaon's character is kinda divinding opinions?
I don't know myself, the melodrama of it all kinda lost me, but then again I'm kinda lost on the plot also so I might not just get it.
If anyone wants to summarise what they liked about the storyline conclusion I'd be very curious to hear that!