August 27th, 2021

Monsta X roundup - live music, photos, varieties & Ring Ding Dong (media heavy!)

Kihyun on Late-Night Studio
Kihyun appeared on Jukjae's Naver NOW show Late-Night Studio for a jam session with the live band.

MAX, Felly - Acid Dreams

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the kids are begging for tickets to Kwangya, what do we do about this 🤣

kitty kitty

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This is your friendly reminder that butter is fine (and even healthy) in moderation.

Xiao Dejun


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If anyone remembers the Mr. Simple teasers these ones heavily remind me of them lmao (minus the weird af outfits).
I have Low Low and Paint Me Naked on repeat. YY and Ten have such good chemistry! 
Yamamoto Takeshi, KHR

Welcome To My Baverse | ep.01 WOODZ and Behind Clip

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Baverse Studio{베이버스 스튜디오}: 1, 2.

They really went 'Exo tree of life' kinda storyline there lol

They also uploaded unreleased clips where Woodz, Victon (and former X1 leader) Seungwoo, and Pentagon Kino talk more freely without the restriction of the format. They notably mention the Produce x 101 debacle.
hyungwon waiting

Flashback Friday

Wassup party people, happy Friday! I picked up a box of Danish pastries from the Danish bakery today and am hopped up on almond paste. I haven’t been there since before the pandemic so I might have overcompensated a little. Like, I did not need a whole loaf of rye bread either. Anyways! Every week I go through the charts for this day in the past and share the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we are going back to the 4th week in August, 2012.

#3 PSY “Gangnam Style”
The lead single from his 6th album. It would debut at the top spot, and both the song and the MV went viral almost immediately. It only took about 2 months to be the most viewed K-Pop video, 2 months for the video to be the most liked, and 5 months to reach 1 billion hits. It’s been awhile, so let’s check out the music video again, now at over 4 billion views. I feel like it’s been years since I’ve seen the video.

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seonghwa fever

ATEEZ posts individual Eternal Sunshine/Deja Vu teasers for Yunho and Yeosang

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I rue the day Baekhyun showed up with his Kokobop hair because now everyone has this red highlight thing going on with their hair that I can't stand.


LOONA to make official Japanese debut in September/October

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HULAHOOP is composed by Ryan S. Jhun with lyrics written by AKIRA.
StarSeed ~Kakusei~ is written by Kubo Naoki and Suu from SILENT SIREN.

sources: @loonaJPofficial, LOONA - UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN

if anyone is confused by the title, the single has a digital release on September 15th and a physical release on October 20th.