September 23rd, 2021

Marc Pumkin

For Rosé, gold's just not plastic as she models for Tiffany & Co, YSL Beauty and O!OiOCOLLECTION


It's a Christmas miracle in September because we have some photos of Rosé without her hair in her face. She models for the new A/W collection of O!OiCOLLECTION "Bon Chic Bon Genre", inspired by the French 60's.

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YSL Beauty has changed the formula of their matte lipstick "The Slim Velvet Radical" to make it less dry and more pigmented. Rosé is wearing some shades for VOGUE Korea.

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Rosé's hair was the star of this photoshoot with DAZED Korea where Rosé wears the Tiffany & Co. "HardWear" collection.

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Kim Young-kwang & Kang Hae-lim to star in new Netflix thriller

Model-turned-actor Kim Young-kwang and rookie actress Kang Hae-lim will star in Netflix's new thriller series, "Somebody."

Directed by Jung Ji-woo, well-known for his previous films, "Eungyo" (2012) and "Tune in For Love" (2019), the series follows the story of a gruesome murder surrounding a social media app called "Somebody."

Kim, who was last seen in the action film, "Mission Possible" (2020), will play the role of Yoon Oh, a seemingly apathetic architect whose identity is revealed slowly. Rookie actress Kang will appear as Seom, an app developer who feels more comfortable interacting with computers and machines than with humans.

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source: The Korea Times
hyungwon waiting

Mystic starts teasing their new girl group

Due to debut in November with six members. Confirmed members so far: Kim Su Hyun (2000-er, appeared on Produce 101 & MIXNINE, Moon Sua (1999-er, appeared on Unpretty Rapstar 2, former YG trainee. ASTRO Moonbin's little sister), and Fukutomi Tsuki (2002-er, former member of a J-Pop project group from Popteen Magazine).

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The capitalized letters in the captions and the blue highlighted ones in the second teaser read out "BILE" and I swear to God...

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