October 8th, 2021

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TWICE: 3rd Full Album “Formula Of Love: O+T=<3” Is Out November 12th

EDIT: Adding in Instagram pics from the photoshoot for the news!

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First we had What Is Love, then Taste Of Love, now Formula of Love!

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Jihyo and Sana!!!

VERIVERY 1st Tour In U.S.

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The thought of going to a concert this year still makes me anxious. Has anyone gone to a concert recently? Do you have plans to go to one before the end of this year?

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What's your latest obsession?

Happy 1st Anniversary, WEi!

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This is late, I had to work so much this week 😭

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Teaser roundup featuring Infinite Nam Woo Hyun, Jessi with SWF & TRI.BE

Nam Woo Hyun "With" concept pic

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CEO reveals SM will expand "beyond imaginable" culture universe

Lee Sung-su, co-CEO of SM Entertainment, has hinted at the company's forthcoming project to expand on the "SM Culture Universe" (SMCU), focusing on developing its intellectual property content.

"SM will be opening up a beyond imaginable SMCU with various killer content and expanding IP," the CEO said, Thursday, during an online keynote speech he gave for this year's STARTUP:CON organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and Korea Creative Content Agency.

SMCU, which kicked off with the debut of its rookie group, aespa, in October last year, refers to a fictional world that brings the K-pop powerhouse's artists under one umbrella.

"We will be developing IPs that align best with the global trend: post-corona and metaverse ― a term referring to a virtual space in a digital environment," he said. "Each of our individual IPs, including music, music videos, and performances, will all be connected and contributed to building up the SMCU metaverse."

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source: The Korea Times
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Flashback Friday

Wassup party people. Is anyone else getting a brain fart and referring to “Squid Game” to “squid ink”? Because that is what I have been legit doing for the past couple of weeks. I think I need to eat some pasta. Every week I go through the past charts for this day in the week and share the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we are going back to the 2nd week in October, 2010. I don’t remember too much from this week, maybe you remember more.

#3 Sung Si Kyung & IU “It’s You”
This was the first collaboration between the two singers. It was a bonus track on his album, “It’s You”. It was a huge hit, and is still being covered by singers today. There is no music video for this track, but the two of them have performed it a lot live. Mostly at his concerts, judging by all the fancams. But here is a televised performance. I can’t stop looking at IU’s hemline. Like, it looks like they wanted to shorten the dress, but like they just tucked it in and looks so lumpy and blah I’m annoyed now.

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SEVENTEEN 9th Mini Album 'Attacca' Official Photo Op.2 (Performane Unit)

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mods, the previous teaser posts all included pictures of that size, how come they're only too big now? they're behind an lj-cut as well. i did resize them, i'm just confused.