October 9th, 2021


"Squid Game" roundup

Squid Game stars take on the Dalgona Challenge

They may have survived the dalgona challenge in the drama, but how skilled are the stars of SQUID GAME in real life? Watch the cast try out all the tricks they’ve picked up on screen to avoid the dreaded punishment that awaits those eliminated (Don’t worry, the stakes are much lower here 😆)

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I am soooo happy they brought in some of the supporting cast to play! It's so nice to see them! Also "They keep sending me messages on Instagram, telling me to take them to the restroom" lol wtf

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Sexy Jay


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I was mia for almost a month ._. and barely followed this promo cycle.
I hope I didn't leave anything out. I tried to gather all the vids and info (except for the music shows/showcase perfs).
Anyway... I will use this chance to show off my wonderful icon. :3
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Key takes home his first solo win on Music Core!

Key won his first music show as a solo artist today with "Bad Love"!
He tears up and can barely put together a thank you speech.

"..why? what? ah, uh… thank you LSM. the staff who help make this album.. manager hyungs, stylists, makeup and hair team, my fans thank you so much. I really will never forget this, i’m thankful for tour support. I’ll work harder thank you so much!"

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