October 10th, 2021

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Teaser roundup featuring Infinite Nam Woo Hyun, LIGHTSUM, TRI.BE & bugAboo

Nam Woo Hyun "With" teaser pics

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source: woollim_ent, LIGHTSUM 라잇썸 (Official YouTube Channel), TRI_BE 트라이비 Official Channel, bugAboo_offcl
Marc Pumkin

This Sunday on Inkigayo !

Who performed what: PIXY - "Addicted" Golden Child - "DDARA" Jo Yuri - "Glassy" WOODZ - "Waiting" ITZY - "Loco" Key - "Bad Love" N.Flying - "Sober" NIK - "Santa Monica" Hot Issue - "Icons" ATEEZ - "Eternal Sunshine" Youngjae - "Vibin" E'Last - "Dark Dream" AB6IX - "Cherry" NORAZO - "Buy Now Think Later" CRAVITY - "Veni Vidi Veci" BLITZERS - "Will Make A Mistake" Ciipher - "Blind"

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🥇 ITZY with "Loco" (6379)
🥈 aespa with "Next Level'" (5301)
🥉 D-Hack and PATEKO with "Ohayo My Night'" (4882)

Sources: SBS KPOP & Soompi
Chansung Tea

2AM Are Back! Reportedly with a Double Title from JYP & Bang PD

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The ballad kings are back! Getting both halves of ONE DAY (2AM+2PM) in the same year after so long is a blessing for yours truly. Now I just need ONE DAY to show up as 10 on a variety show to remind the youths the true meaning of variety kings. Also love that they were able to get titles from both JYP and Bang PD. A nice little nod to the two companies that co-managed them for a time. What's your favorite 2AM song, Omona?

Source: @2AMCHANGMIN, @KoreanUpdates, Naver