October 13th, 2021


"Squid Game" roundup

The Squid Game Cast Play Netflix Bingo (Under No Threat of Death!)

The incredible cast of Squid Game, Jung Ho-yeon (Sae-Byeok), Lee Jung-jae (Seong Gi-hun), Wi Ha-jun (Joon-ho) and Park Hae-soo (Cho Sang-woo) guess each other's favourite Netflix movies and shows in this exclusive interview. Thankfully in this game, nobody dies.

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lol Lee Jungjae getting into Blackpink cute

source: Still Watching Netflix, Yonhap News, reuters, kylegoon

Epik High announces North American tour dates

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lol i don't live in tennessee for 6 years and finally someone comes to nashville 🤡 i'm very torn on this tbh!!
jennie's meh face

Awesome screen, awesome camera, long lasting battery life doesn't matter to Blackpink anymore

Blackpink is under controversy for immediately switching to a rival company's products.

On the 11th, an article titled "Blackpink are ruthless when contract ends" was posted in an online community. The author shared a photo Jisoo posted on her IG on the 10th with the caption, "Wow, barely changed it. New phone, cute case" as proof that Blackpink are currently using iPhone 13.

As evidence that Blackpink are "ruthless", the author shared selcas Rosé and Jennie posted on their IG showing off their iPhone 13 to their 53 million and more followers.
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sources: dailynaver, Hankyung, Samsung Thailand

never forget:
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