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OMONA'S PICK: MV Producers/Directors Part 2: Naive Creative Studio 🎥

Hey Omona! I'm back with another round of "I totally didn't know they made that too!" aka Part 2 of my favorite Kpop MV producers. In this post we'll a look at Naive Creative Studio. I have a love-hate relationship with this company. I love so many things about the music videos that they make, BUT for some reason they like to annoy me by using a grey filter over everything.

Naive Creative Studio is a Seoul based video production house that started in 2011. They've worked with YG, LOEN, DSP, & PLEDIS, but they're most known for being JYPE's recent go to for most of their artists' music videos.

Some notable elements repeated in their work:
- bright colours, often muted
- that signature god damn awful grey filter that ruins all the videos for me
- fantastical and creative concepts
- is it a JYPE mv? it's probably by them

Watch some of their MVs below and let me know in the comments if you notice any other similarities in their work

Sunmi - 24 Hours (August 2013)

The MV that started the JYPE x Naive partnership. I love the smooth transitions, especially that spinning part from the dancing to the wall to the bed.

They also did Sunmi's Full Moon MV.

EXID - Ah Yeah (April 2015)

Fun and very cheeky, I love the references to their sudden viral success prior to this release.

Naive Creative worked with Hani again later on in the MV for her collab with Luna and Solar, HONEY BEE

2PM - My House (June 2015)

I just really love this MV. The low camera angle for the choreo, 2pm walking seductively in slow mo, the fairy tale theme, Taec in a fur coat. A++

They also did the MV for Promise

GOT7 - Just Right (July 2015)

GOT7's best MV! The one that got me into kpop!! Tiny cereal men! The quintessential kpop MV of 2015! Am I hyping this too much? I just have so much love for it. It's the only MV of theirs with 100 Million views.

They also did GOT7's other good MVs: Girls Girls Girls, A, Stop Stop It, If You Do, Confession Song, & Fly

TWICE - Cheer Up (April 2016)

Another quintessentially kpop MV. Each girl gets their own concept and chance to shine, it's just so much fun over all. The cute song with a semi-dark concept MV is a reoccurring theme that I'm really enjoying for TWICE, I hope they keep going with it.

They also did TWICE's Like OOH-AHH, TT, and the follow up Knock Knock

Baek A Yeon - So-So (May 2016)

I'm in love with the color palette of this, it feels very Wes Anderson 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' inspired. "My phone never rings and I'm always free on the weekends" #relatable

AKMU - RE-BYE (May 2016)

Starring Omona's fave fairy Lee Sungkyung alongside the AKMU sibs, this MV has a really clever plot twist.

MOBB - Hit Me (September 2016)

I love how they were able to capture the spirit of the song and the fun chemistry between Bobby and Mino. It makes going out to a club look like a good time instead of the awful exhausting experience it really is. lol

PRISTIN - WEE WOO (March 2017)

tbh all the comments on this MV talking about how they "copied" Twice is probably the biggest motivator for why I started making this series in the first place. It's a cute song with a cute MV that could fit well within TWICE's LOA and Cheer Up universe. It seems to suit them, but is all the comparison drama worth it?

DAY6 - I'm Serious (April 2017)

Current peak DAY6! They look great, they sound amazing, and this road trip video is the absolute cutest. i just wish it didn't have that damn grey filter...

Naive Creative also worked on DAY6's debut MV Congratulations, and on the follow up song (EveryDAY6 February release) MV You Were Beautiful
They can work well given a small budget too, having made the MVs for DAY6's other EveryDAY6 releases I Wait and How Can I Say

Other Naive Creative Studio MVs that I don't really have anything to say about/haven't watched:
miss A - Hush
Ji Yeon - Never Ever
miss A - Only You
JY Park - Who's Your Mama (feat. Jessi)
Jo Kwon - Crosswalk
JY Park - Still Alive
Melody Day - Color
Fei - Fantasy
Jimin Park - Try
APRIL - April Story
Melody Day - You Seem Busy
Melody Day - Kiss On The Lips

Sources: studio-naive | jypentertainment | YGEntertainment | 1theK | AKMU | EXID_OFFICIAL

Tell me your thoughts, Omona! Are you a fan of Naive's work? Do you hate the grey filter like I do? lol Which of their MVs is your fave?

Also, sorry this took so long, my laptop died on me and I had to buy a new hdd and everything. Hopefully I'll be able to make the next one sooner.
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